3 Best Sci-Fi Twitter Feeds You Need

       by Brandy D. Anderson

Source: DMedina

Source: DMedina

Science fiction is a special genre, and it’s filled with some of the most interesting, intelligent, and inventive minds. Sci-fi writers and actors never seem to run out of witty and thought-provoking things to say, and Twitter is the best platform to reveal their awesomeness. There are a lot of great sci-fi-ers in the Twitterverse, but these three are the best.


Warren Ellis

Source: Brandy D. Anderson

Source: Brandy D. Anderson


About: “Author from Britain. Not the musician. No customer service. Writer, CASTLEVANIA at Netflix. Contact: Cheng Caplan Company. Me: http://bit.ly/2oetU7k  ”

Warren Ellis is biting, hilarious, and just all-around entertaining. Writers often have some of the best Twitter accounts around, and Ellis only further solidifies this rule. One of his tweets reads: “Apparently I just gave a guy an anxiety/heart attack simply by responding to his tweet. I believe I like this new power”. Ellis shares neat science news, and it’s often futuristic so it sounds fiction-based, but it’s not. For instance, he recently shared this bit of spacey news: “An international team of researchers from NASA Ames Research Centre, Environmental and Radiation Health Sciences Directorate at Health Canada, Oxford University (et. all) have published a road map toward enhancing human radio-resistance for space exploration and colonization in the peer-reviewed journal Oncotarget. The article linked goes on to discuss the projected effects of space colonization on human aging and other health benefits and risks (including a plan to have humans colonize Mars within forty to one-hundred years).

More examples of the interesting sci-fi-esque news shared by Ellis include a link to a story where “Researchers create an e-skin that shows your heartbeat in real-time. Researchers from the University of Tokyo announced last week a new advancement in wearable technology: A highly flexible electronic skin display that shows your health information, allowing you to monitor vitals at a glance. Made from nanomesh, the display is flexible, breathable, and stretchable”. The e-skin shows a person’s heart rate, heart rhythm, blood pressure, and temperature.

Ellis also shares some really eclectic and interesting photos. Recently, he shared a photo from the 1915 French silent film, Les Vampires. The stunning black and white picture features French actress Jeanne Roques, aka Musudora, as Irma Vep climbing a building, donned in her sleek black costume and smoky vamp makeup. Another photo shared by Ellis features a rocket, the added caption reads, “stealth space catapult startup SpinLaunch is raising #30M”. And yet another photo he shared is an album cover: “Venetian Snares x Daniel Lanois – Mag11 P82 (TIMESIG008) by Planet Mu Records”. You’ll also find many photos snapped by Ellis of his hometown of London (including a relatively rare picture of the snow-covered metropolis). So you’ll certainly find a lot of variety in his posts. He tweets numerous times daily..


Greg Grunberg

Source: seemann

Source: seemann


About: “#ReActor. DreamJumper. Cadee. BandFromTV. Podcast”. (There are many fun emojis in his about section, but unfortunately they wouldn’t translate, horror, the horror!!!)

Now, I, like so many others, initially knew Grunberg from his Matt Parkman role in Heroes. But man, he’s certainly done a ton of different things since those early “save the cheerleader, save the world” days. You get a taste of his sense of humour in his pinned tweet: “And YES mom, Kevin is going to be fine. And don’t worry, I promise I’m wearing a fat suit in the @HBO film #Paterno.” Grunberg retweets a tweet from actor Lukas Gage: “One of my nipples is the exact size of a Mike & Ike”, Grunberg responds, “I KNEW IT!!!!”

Brat Pack loving director Kevin Smith recently tweeted that he was in good spirits after surviving a massive heart attack, and Grunberg responded: “Thank the lord @ThatKevinSmith is still tweeting and making that stupid surprised face that we all know and love!!!! He’s once again inspired an entire generation of FAT DUDES to get off their ass, visit their doc, eat right, and workout on the regular. Oh, and smoke weed.” To make this tweet even funnier, if you just barely scroll down a bit, the day before this, Grunberg had tweeted a pic of what he calls a “HANGOVER OMELETTE” and it looks pretty darn greasy, an omelette topped with what appears to be beans, hot sauce, avocado, and extra cheese.

While the vast majority of his tweets are funny, he posts links and video clips to sci-fi projects as well. He also shares the occasional informative tweet, too, like this one from Sunovion: “Do you know what to do if you see someone having a #seizure? The best way to help is to #TalkAboutIt – learn more: bddy.me/2sHOMrz. Epilepsy: Let’s talk about the facts. What if a seizure happens? Remember these tips: Turn them on their side if they are lying down. DON’T put anything in their mouth. Call 911. Remain calm. Remove any harmful objects. Keep onlookers away. DON’T hold them down.” One more thing you’ll find here and there in his feed is the odd topical news item, usually pertaining to politics. He tweets often.


Wil ‘Ban the Nazis’ Wheaton

Source: raheel

Source: raheel


About: “Fake geek girl. I can’t believe that Bryce prefers Van Patten’s card to mine. On a good day I am charming as f*ck.”

Okay, those of us over 30 years old will know Wil Wheaton from his early Star Trek: Next Generation days as Wesley, the obnoxious young teenage son of Dr. Crusher. And even younger generations will know Wheaton from The Big Bang Theory, not to mention his many stints on various shows over the last three decades. He’s a renowned blogger and book author as well. Basically, Wil Wheaton is everywhere. He’s certainly one of the most accessible celebrities, he makes frequent appearances at various conventions, and he’s also one of the most fan-friendly and engaged personalities on social media.

Wheaton’s pinned tweet reveals his self-deprecating manner: “I’m so awkward and anxious about promoting my own stuff, but that’s the only way you know about it. So: if you enjoy my work as an audio book narrator and as a writer, did you know I combine the two things? True story. Great gifts. Consume: Wil Weaton is an actor, author, award winning audio book narrator, and web series producer. He thinks you’re pretty great.” Another tweet: “When you wake up at 6am in horrible pain because you’re 45 and your body is an a**hole so it jacked up its own neck while you were sleeping. Why? Because f#*k you, that’s why.”

More examples of tweets from Wheaton: “I just realized that whenever I get a submarine sandwich, I cradle it in my arm and carry it like I’m The Log Lady”, “A bag of Lady Doritos is a bag of Doritos that has 23% fewer chips and costs the same”, and “Seeing all of the tweets about the Superbowl makes me realize how most of you must feel when I’m talking about hockey.” He often answers questions from fans, too, as you’ll see in this exchange: “Ducky Ford: Hey Wil. Been a long time fan. Out of curiosity how was playing a serial killer in Criminal Minds? Love Table Top. Cheers”, Wil responded, “It was intense, and a satisfying challenge. I kept a production diary, which I recorded and released as an audio book, if you’re interested: wilwheaton.combandcamp.com/album…” He also tweets a lot about federal politics.