3 Feel Good Twitters For You!

       by Brandy D. Anderson

If there’s one thing that we can all agree on, it’s that the world is an uncertain place right now. I know that many of us are spending a lot of time on Twitter at the moment, and we all need some funny, feel good accounts to mix up news and other content. These three comedians are sure to brighten your day at least a little, so give them a try if you’re not already following them!

Steve Martin

Source: Alawai


About: “Hunker everyone, hunker. Stevemartin.com”

Steve Martin is one of the best known names in entertainment. First making his fame on stage in the comedy circuit, before then being a frequent guest star on Saturday Night Live, Martin has gone on to become a beloved movie star and all around ‘wild and crazy’, but good, guy. His penchant for entertainment predates even these gigs, because he started playing the banjo when he was very young, and one of his earliest jobs was as a magician in the ‘happiest place on earth’, aka. Disneyland. Martin has a real knack for popularity across all demographics, and you can see his amiable charisma fully featured on his Twitter account.

Martin’s pinned tweet is a short video of himself donned in sunglasses, baseball cap, and comfy clothes playing a song with the caption: “Banjo Balm”. A day ago, he tweeted: “OMG. I’m watching a 1937 Leslie Howard movie called “It’s Love I’m After,” and they stole the bird calling scene from “3 Amigos!””. Finding comedy during these trying pandemic times, Martin quipped, “What I can’t honestly say this month: “I’m sorry, I’m rather busy right now. I just don’t have time to talk to the police.””. He snapped a photo of a street sign named “Quarantina”, and he added the caption, “I go biking to get away from it all. Then, this….”.

More tweets include: “The odds that a person is standing in the exact spot you want to go to in the kitchen is now 80%” and “Going out on a limb here, but doorbells and phone rings should be banned in TV commercials”. You’ll find practical advice, too, if you’re a musician: a fan named Big Daddy Freddy asked: “Hello Mr.@SteveMartinToGo newbie banjo player here. I recently read in my banjo book that you wear fake nails when playing. As a life time nail biter who’s still perfecting his Clawhammer, could you please elaborate. Google really didn’t return much. I’m curious if it may assist. ”. Martin responded with: “Go to a nail salon and ask for acrylic nails. You only need one or two depending on your playing style. The nail will usually last a month. Plus, your finger will look beautiful!” Martin is wonderful at engaging with his fans, and it’s easy to see why he’s been such a fan favourite for decades.


Conan O’Brien

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About: “The voice of the people. Sorry, people. ”

Conan O’Brien is the affable late show tv host with a gift of the blarney. And ever since longtime host David Letterman retired from the talk show circuit five years ago, O’Brien has taken over as the longest-working host currently on the air. He’s been hosting for a whopping 26 years. So chances are, you are more than familiar with his smiling face and flaming red hair. You also likely won’t be surprised that his Twitter account is full of funny and self-defacing humour.

O’Brien recently pondered, “God is looking down on humans right now thinking, “Damn. Maybe I should try dinosaurs again?”” Are you a cat lover? If so, you can probably relate to this observation: “Cats can’t spread COVID but trust me, those assholes will figure out a way.” He shares family moments: “My kids have started saying “Leave Meeting” when they want me to stop talking.” Are you a potato fan? You may just know exactly what he’s talking about when he says, “So, that’s what it’s like to wax the mold off an old potato. What’d everyone else get up to today? ”

Here are some more fun one-liners: “Today, I overslept and completely missed my 2nd nap”, “If there is a scandal involving Christina Applegate, what would they call it?”, “If Trump wins in November, will he blame everything on the first Trump administration? ”, “Troubling thought: What if these are the good old days?”, and “What I Googled in January: “Who directed ‘Ford v Ferrari?'” What I Googled in May: “Can Murder Wasps get Coronavirus?”” In addition to his constant hilarious jokes, O’Brien also hosts a podcast and you can find the link on his Twitter. His most recent shows feature Russel Brand and J.J. Abrams as guests.


 Al Yankovic

Source: Hawaii

About: “You know… the weird one. Weirdal.com”


I hope, for your sake, that you’re very familiar with the genius and fun of Weird Al Yankovic. From parody songs, and the elaborate crazy videos to go with them, to full blown musical shows, Weird Al has been making us laugh and tap our foot to his satirical tunes for decades. And if you’re wondering whether he can be funny outside of a musical setting, well, wonder no more, and check out his enormously entertaining Twitter account.

Yankovic’s humour is often biting, but never mean, and it’s a pleasure to scroll through his tweets. One of his most recent tweets pokes fun at the new fad for celebrities to film themselves singing (usually off-key) what they advertise as being uplifting renditions during a difficult time – nevermind their mansion settings, pay no attention, move along… Yankovic quipped, “Truly, there’s no problem that can’t be overcome when you get a bunch of celebrities together to sing something.” You’ll find a silent video for Yankovic’s classic take on a Michael Jackson song, along with the explanation: “With everything going on in the world right now, I figured it was the perfect time to upload this version of the “Fat” video with all the music stripped out.”

Al asks. “Hey, what’s your favorite part of washing your hands? It’s the thumbs, right?! Me too!! Vrooom! VROOOOM!” Without skipping a beat, he blankly tweets, “Yeah, no, sorry. Not gonna do “My Corona.”” If you’re a fan of his classics, you’ll enjoy his “UHF” call backs, and tweets like this: “Just because we could probably all use a mindless distraction right about now, here’s “Amish Paradise” from my Strings Attached show at Red Rocks last year. ”Aside from his humorous content, he also posts odd, quirky videos and fun articles, so there is a ton of stuff to read and watch here.