Connections: 3 Twitters to Follow

       by Brandy D. Anderson

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Although you may think these three accounts have absolutely nothing in common, they actually do – each one provides a different way to connect with others, albeit in very different ways. One offers inner reflection, whilst the other two offer diverting ways to relax and share common interests. All three are definitely worth checking out, you’ll likely find yourself following each of them.


Dalai Lama

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About: “Welcome to the official twitter page of the Office of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama ”

Did you know the Dalai Lama has his own, very active, Twitter account? I didn’t until recently. If there ever was a time when we could use universal, poignant advice, this is most certainly it. Something that is very special about the Dalai Lama is that his words reach across cultural, religious, and spiritual belief because his ideas aren’t anchored in any specific spirituality, His words truly lie in the whole of humanity. For instance, he recently posted this piece of wisdom: “What we need today are universal values based not on faith, but on scientific findings, common experience and common sense.”

“Look at the world today—violence is rife, weapons proliferate and countries eagerly pursue arms sales. This is a wrong approach. There are other ways to make money. The world needs non-violence and compassion, not in terms of prayers, but as spurs to a different course of action. ” These are words that the majority of the population would agree with. Compassion is a major element of the Dalai Lama’s teachings, as you’ll see in this post: “When you have a more compassionate mind, everything appears to you in a more positive light. If we employ our human intelligence with warm-heartedness, it creates a happy atmosphere and fosters a happy community. ”

Are you interested in psychology? On this account, you’ll find a lot of inner reflection on mind over matter, particularly when it comes to managing anger and emphasizing empathy. “Since resentment, anger, and animosity bring us no benefit, it is clearly in our own interest to underpin our attitude to all others with a kind of genuine unconditional and unbiased compassion. And doing so will certainly bring us benefits.” Another example of emotional management can be seen in this tweet: “Anger and aggression sometimes seem to be protective because they bring energy to bear on a particular situation, but that energy is blind. It takes a calm mind to be able to consider things from different angles and points of view. ” Whatever your beliefs are, this account is a good check-in when it comes to emotional well-being.


Netflix US

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About: “Go follow @StrongBlackLead!”

Many of us around the world have Netflix. Although there are different versions of Netflix depending on the country where it’s viewed (and there are different titles available), one thing that is universal to all Netflix streams is viewers’ penchant for binge-watching, and their love for sharing their enthusiasm over their favourite moves and shows. The Netflix Twitter account is a place for viewers to engage with each other in the comments, and Netflix also retweets a lot of follower tweets. Another fun thing is how often Netflix tweets, and it’s famous for its tongue-in-cheek comments, along with gifs and clips from their popular content.

One of the most recent tweets comes from tv show host Hulisani Ravele who wrote, “All I want today is my couch and #QueenSono!!! Congratulations @PearlThusi @KagisoLediga, cannot wait to dig in!” Another retweet comes from viewer ary: “When you get the chance PLEASE watch Gentefied on Netflix, currently binge watching & loving every second of it. Latinx, Afro-latinx, queer representation, machismo, family dynamics, the harm of gentrification — there’s nothing this show doesn’t cover – 11/10 ”. They also retweet official show tweets like this one from Strong Black Lead’: “It’s celebrate Black history 24/7, 365 over here, but these special films and docs tell such important and understated stories of Black legacies in America, that I had to share before #BHM is over”. This one is probably my favourite, from viewer cc: “’I’ve been fighting for this since day one’ – Amber referring to 17 days ago”.

Netflix often tweets about its own shows, like this one about Queen Sono: “She’ll either kick your ass or save it. Queen Sono is now streaming”, and there’s an action-packed video clip included with the post. Another post bears a video from ‘Love is Blind’ with this caption: “Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is Blind’. All episodes now streaming.” A funny tweet features a woman in a wedding dress, oddly walking in a forest before abruptly falling down on the grass with the comment, “Heading into Thursday like”. If you’re a Grace and Frankie fan, you’ll like this tweet: “Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda are here to bless you with some much-needed words of encouragement”, and there is an accompanying one minute, trippy video entitled, “Words of Affirmation”. Some of the gems you’ll hear from Tomlin and Fonda are as follows: “Stay hydrated – did you remember to drink water today?”, “You are enough”, “Carry yourself with the confidence of a mediocre, straight white man”, “You don’t owe anyone anything”, and “Science has proven that you feel better when you smile – unless a man has told you to do it, in which case, never smile”.



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About: “Black history is more than a month. Listen to our podcast now. #ItsAVibe ”.

Hulu has become a mainstay in American streaming since they have the majority of shows you’re looking for. Netflix is even starting to lose out to Hulu when it comes to certain TV shows since Netflix is losing a number of big titles, like ‘Friends’ and ‘The Office’, to name a few, due to networks beginning to pull their shows in order to run them on their own new streaming platforms. Hulu seems to make deals that allows them to carry popular shows even when Netflix doesn’t. Of course, popularity isn’t why this account made this list. I’ve included Hulu because their Twitter account is another place where followers can find feel-good posts and a platform to share their passion when it comes to fictional characters.

One tweet asks followers to list “3 TV shows that describe you. Go!” , which is a fun question with the potential for great answers – some followers actually follow the prompt, whilst others just repeat one show three times. Here are some of the most popular responses: “Veronica Mars, Veronica Mars, Veronica Mars”, “Sandition (3 times)”, “Timeless (3 times)”, “Shadowhunters (3 times)”, and so on. And then there are those who gave three separate answers: “Timeless, White Collar, One Tree Hill”,“Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul” (it’s a little scary if those three shows describe you), and “Gilmore Girls, Sailor Moon, Veronica Mars”, just to name a few. The point of sharing this example is that you’ll find opportunities like this to totally geek out with like-minded fans.

Hulu is great at sharing topical posts, like on Leap Day, when they posted a gif from ’30 Rock’ with the following comment: “I don’t want to, but I will poke your eye and pull your hair if you forgot what clothes to wear. IT’S LEAP DAY. #30Rock”. There’s a video of a song from Craig Robinson about Black History Month, “The shortest month of the year, but one of our favs”. If you’re an anime fan, you’ll appreciate the gif that reads, “Powering up to tell my friends I can’t make it out tn”. Do you like chipotle? Do you like crockpots? Then you’ll love the video clip tweet that says, “We’re keeping the crockpot btw @ChipotleTweets”. I’ll end with another example of a fun, high follower engagement tweet from Hulu: “Unpopular Opinions: TV Edition”. Here are some of the follower responses: “’Friends’ is actually a bad show”, “Sometimes the dub is better than the sub”, “Pam and Jim are villains”, and “The last season of ‘Game of Thrones’ is good”.