3 Wonderful Autumn YouTube Book Accts You Need!

       by Brandy D. Anderson

Source: Brandy Anderson

There’s something about Autumn that makes you want to curl up on the couch with a cozy blanket and read, read, read. I would say it’s because the weather is turning cool and you need the warm comfort of the indoors, but I feel like even people who live in perpetually warm climates still find Autumn the ultimate reading season. At any rate, whilst reading is amazing, it’s also very entertaining to listen to other bookish people chat about their favourite reads, too. I’ve found three amazing literary YouTube channels to enjoy over some piping hot cocoa, with pen and paper at the ready to jot down new book recommendations.


Jesse the Reader

Source: Brandy Anderson

358,000 subscribers

About: “I’m a BOOK WARRIOR, here to have fun & share my love for books. 🙂 For business inquiries contact me at jessethereader@gmail.com”

Jesse’s current pinned video on his home page is called, “Visiting 9 Bookstores in One Day”. It begins with a sleepy Jesse greeting the camera, “Good morning”, and then proceeds to show a fun, movie-esque montage. In swift succession, you see the morning view from his window, him getting out of bed, playing in front of the mirror and taking peace sign selfies, brushing his teeth and getting ready for the bibliophilific day. He’s very personable and supportive, he even takes time to show his T-shirt that reads, “You are not alone” and he goes to say, “If you needed that reminder today, reminder: You are not alone, okay? If anything, you’ve got me, okay? I’ve got your back.” It’s a really nice moment tucked inside of this whirlwind video.

Jesse talks about having Ramen noodles in a restaurant for the first time, and since he loves Ramen at home so much, he’s excited to discover if there’s a difference. He talks about his nervousness about taking the subway for the first time alone. He’s very genuine and you can’t help but instantly like him. You’ll see his journey riding the subway, edited in a neat and entertaining fashion. There are wonderful literary quotes edited into the videos, and I particularly like that they’re often lesser known gems, like this one from “The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry” by Gabrielle Zevin: “We are not quite novels. We are not quite short stories. In the end, we are collected works.”

There are a ton of videos on his channel to choose from, and all of them are entertaining and just so delightful to watch. Here are some of the video titles: “I Read Under the Covers For a Week”, “5 Star Book Predictions, Reader Crisis, + Messy Bookshelves”, “Things I’ve Been Loving Lately”, “Thoughts on Recent K-Pop Comebacks”, “Can We Trust Book Reviews? Bookstorm Ep. #1”, “Books I Read Because of Hype”, “Book Trope Bingo”, “Popular Books I’ll Never Read”, “Reacting to Bad and Good Book Cover Changes”, “Most Hated Books I Love”, “Manga Monday Book Club| Announcement”, and “Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag”. I want to highlight one more post: “Sorting Characters Into Different Books”. This is a good example of the fun and creative content you’ll find here. Jesse takes two mugs, he fills one with names of various characters from a number of different books, he fills the other mug with book titles. Then he pulls a paper from each and talks out how he thinks the character would do if he/she were suddenly thrust inside that other book. The first pick: Cinder with “Caraval”. He does a wonderful job giving brief explanations of the character and the book, and then he explains how he thinks that character would fare in a thoughtful way. In summation, if you love books and energetic people, you definitely need to watch this channel.


Peruse Project

Zource: Brandy Anderson

About: “I am Regan I like to talk about books. “Words can be like X-rays if you use them properly — they’ll go through anything. You read and you’re pierced.” ― Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Need to contact me about book related things? You can do so here: Perusseproject@gmail.com”

273,000 subscribers

Regan is the host of this account and she’s bubbly and amiable and she hooks you right from the start. Her enthusiasm for reading is evident in every video. The pinned video on her Home page is “Favorite Books of 2018”, and she captions it with, “The 10 best books I read in 2018. Such a hard list to narrow down.” Some of the books on her list include “Wondersmith”, “Scythe”, “Warbreaker”, and “Spinning Silver”. The book reviews are well organized and concise, and she does a good job summarizing the principle story and themes without giving any spoilers.

“Books I Loved More the 2nd Time (My Fav Re-Reads)” is a video where Regan introduces the topic by explaining that many of these books were ones that she didn’t care for much the first time around, but something compelled her to return to them years later, and her reception towards them was much different. “The Thief” is the first book she discusses, and a few others are “Poison Study”, “Ember in the Ashes”, “The Lies of Lock Lamora”, and there are a number of others as well. In “Harry Potter Reading Vlog + Super Secret HP NYC Event” you get an insider’s look at what influencers get to participate in, and it’s really neat.

Here are some of the plethora of videos to choose from on this channel: “Popular YA Series I Am NOT Going to Finish”, “Ambitious September TBR”, “Scotland Vlog (Parts One and Two)”, “Top 5 Books I Read This Spring”, and “My Favorite SHORT Fantasy Books (Fantasy Recs Under 400 Pages”. In the recent upload, “Must Read Fall Recommendations”, you get a good sense of this channel’s mood. Regan begins the video by saying, “Today we are getting very serious, that’s why I’m wearing this blazer. But don’t worry, I’m wearing a dog T-shirt underneath the blazer”, and she cracks herself up, she’s just so darned likeable. She kind of reminds me of Mary Tyler Moore, she doesn’t look like her, but there’s something about her plucky personality that matches Moore’s. This is a must-subscribe channel for people who love informal book chat.



Source: Brandy Anderson

409,000 subscribers

About: “”Looking for something non-boring and awesome? OMG THIS BOOK… My name’s Christine Riccio! I love comedy and reading fantastic books. I make what I like to think are funny videos every Tuesday and other days of the week too…I usually upload more than once a week – about books and book related pop culture stuff! I also have a comedy channel if you’re into that kind of thing *winky face* it’s polandbananas20. I heart the Shadowhunter Chronicles, Harry Potter is my homeskillet, the Throne of Glass series is kicking ass, I love a good contemporary romance, I’m a twihard at heart. I READ A LOT. I’D LOVE TO TALK ABOUT BOOKS WITH YOU. ALSO COMEDY. ALSO TV. ALSO MOVIES. STORY LOVER IN GENERAL. business inquiries: xtinemay1920@gmail.com New Jersey girl living in Los Angeles banner by the lovely http://twitter.com/ohceecee”

Christine combines comedy and literature in a fabulously manic sort of way. Her current pinned video is “Favorite Standalone Books of All Time: Top Ten Countdown” (except it’s really eleven) and the first few seconds feature her running in place, jumping, dancing, and singing the introduction. Some of the books she includes in this video are “Landline”, “Anna and the French Kiss”, “Verity”, “What If It’s Us”, “Lola and the Boy Next Door”, and “I’ll Give You the Sun”. There is a lot of random singing which is wonderful and it really hooks you in. Watching her videos is like hanging out with a super funny and entertaining best friend.

“Flip the Page Challenge” involves getting “book coordinates” from Twitter users and then applying them to various aspects. For instance, Christine’s first challenge is to find out her new name, so using the numbers given to her, she opens the book and the first name she sees becomes her new name. Her numbers are 6, 13, 394. The six is the bookshelf, the 13 is the book slot, and the 394 is the page number (the rules weren’t particularly clear, apparently they were explained in detail in a post by, coincidentally another account covered here, Jesse the Reader – I love those random connections). The second set of numbers will reveal your new location, then you get your new job, your new crush, and so on. This is a highly amusing challenge, Christine expounds upon each subject and comes up with hilarious backstories.

Christine is a big fan of the “Twilight” series, so she has a lot to say about the retelling of “Twilight” where the genders are switched (Bella is Beau and Edward is Edith). The new book is called “Life and Death”, and Christine’s video vlog on this is called “Reading the New Twilight Book” (side note: I must be behind, I didn’t even realize there was a new sparkly vampire book and this book came out in 2015). Her commentary is hilarious. This channel is wonderful and diverse, I like the wide array of content here. By and large, her videos are about books and reading, but she does the occasional non-book video, like one where she gives “College Tips From an Introvert” and “Most Anticipated Fall TV Shows 2019”.