The 6 Best & Funniest Minecraft Youtubers

       by Brandy D. Anderson

Source: alexander

Source: alexander

The Minecraft game has swiftly become a cultural phenomenon over the last couple of years. This massive game boasts both a single and multi player experience. The Minecraft craze has spread all over social media and the entire Internet at the large. The biggest Minecraft presence in social media is seen on Youtube where countless Minecraft players consistently update their channel by adding vidoes of their game experience, reviews (usually of “mods”: modified updates individual players program & then make available for free), and thoughts of various aspects of the game. While there are a lot of great Minecraft Youtubers, a few really stand out from the crowd. Here are the 6 best Minecraft Youtubers that you should check out.

[Below each Youtuber I’ve indicated whether or not I consider them to be “kid friendly”. I consider a Youtuber to be “kid friendly” if he/she doesn’t swear, doesn’t talk about ‘adult’ content (as in sex, drugs, etc), and isn’t really violent. Basically, a channel a parent wouldn’t mind their kids watching is “kid friendly”.


1. StampyLongHead

This jovial Englishman is always good for a laugh and I challenge anyone to attempt to watch one of his Minecraft videos without smiling. There’s something infectious about this happy-go-lucky Youtuber. His Minecraft character is a big yellow and white cat who loves to eat cake every chance he gets. He sets most of his scenarios in what he calls ‘Stampy’s Lovely World’. Stampy constantly updates his world, and so far it includes a plethora of fun things such as a giant pirate ship, a hot air balloon, a waterfall ride, a rainbow (complete with a giant pot of gold at the end), a fire station, a ‘Pretty Kitty Salon’, a hospital, a ‘Crazy Cow Cowery’, a submarine, a circus, roller coasters, a light house, his house, and to top it all off, there are games aplenty to be found in a carnival. One of the best things about Stampy is his ‘Love Garden’, a fan recognition spot where he places appreciative signs bearing the individual names of his devoted fans. Stampy updates his page on a daily basis and each video is guaranteed to be a fun watch.

[Be sure to watch StampyLongHead if you want the kid friendly version. StampyLongNose, his first channel, contains some swearing and he plays some more adult games such as Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty].


2. TheDiamondMinecraft

Dan TDM is the Minecraft alter ego behind this endlessly entertaining page. Dan TDM created an entire backstory (“How I Met Dr. Trayaurus”) for his mod showcases, which consists of a lab owned by TDM’s genius partner, Dr. Trayaurus, and TDM always has his plucky pet sidekick, a skeletal dog named Grim (“How I Met Grim the Skeleton Dog”). His page is full of funny animated Minecraft videos as well as more direct mod showcases and reviews. Dan TDM uses face cam fairly often, and he also does the occasional vlog which usually features his adorable little dog.

[Very Kid Friendly]


3. PopularMMOs

Furious Destroyer, PopularMMOs’ Minecraft alter ego, focuses on mod showcases and modded survivals. He often has his friend, Jenn, join his showcases and these two are highly amusing as they play off each other. PopularMMOs also features a ‘Fantion’ area in his world, consisting of generated mod buildings where he gives shout outs to his fans through signs he adds to the buildings. He also plays through a lot of adventure maps and various servers. One of his most action filled series is called ‘Mob Battles’, where he matches up different mob creatures against each other (once it was King Kong vs Godzilla, another time it was Spiderman vs a Creeper).

[Kid Friendly (with the exception of some of his early World of Warcraft videos)]


4. iBallisticSquid

iBallisticSquid is a quirky, charasmatic Youtuber who also happens to be the best friend of Stampy (they make a lot of videos together). This prolific Youtuber updates daily, usually twice in the same day. He usually focuses on “Let’s Play”s (recorded game adventures), mods, and adventure maps. iBallisticSquid has a few continuous series that he’s working on including “Race to the Moon”, “Boss Battles”, and “Mission to Mars”.

[Kid Friendly]


5. SSundee

SSundee is a funny guy who likes to start his videos with funny little clips. Sometimes it’s his Minecraft alter ego flailing in a lava waterfall, sometimes it’s a humorous parody of ‘I Believe I Can Fly’. This guy specializes in mod showcases and he seems to have a whole lot of fun whilst doing them. He also does fun little photo comment contests and often has his face-cam on, which is great fun because his face is very expressive and jolly.

[Not totally kid friendly because SSundee does swear occasionally. However, that’s the only ‘inappropriate’ stuff I’ve heard on his channel.]


6. Yogcast

The Yogcast ‘family’ is comprised of 14 members. Together, they cover various online games including Minecraft. The duo of Lewis and Simon make up one of the funny Minecraft Yogcast teams, and they focus their antics in a continuously running series called “Hole Diggers”. If you dig pirates, sailing ships, and viking antics, you’ll love watching these two navigate in the world of blocks. Sjin is another Yogcast Minecrafter, he shows a lot of neat time lapse mod previews.

[Kid Friendly]


Source: BPanderson

Source: BPanderson