7 Google + Photography Pages You’ll Want To Jump Into

       by Brandy D. Anderson

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Google + is rapidly becoming the top spot in social media when it comes to sharing beautiful photography. There certainly is no lack of talented photographers here, and a delightful way to relax is to grab yourself a steaming mug of coffee (or tea, if that’s more your style) and then dig into your big comfy chair with your laptop at the ready. There’s nothing like drooling over the photos on these pages, each full of “wish you were here” pictures, and I’ve already gathered the seven most talented photographers on Google + just for you:


Joe Daniel


“Landscape Photographer.”

This professional photographer hails from England, but his gorgeous photos are snapshots from around the entire United Kingdom. His pictures are sleek and extremely pleasing to the eye. He boasts a diverse body of work, but he seems to favour industrial street scenes and the juxtaposition of the natural landscapes with man-made materials more than anything else. The colours in his pictures really pop and you’d be hard-pressed to find even one that doesn’t completely thrill you.


Photography Talk


“PhotographyTalk is a global photography community designed to help educate, inspire and connect photographers from all around the world.  “

Photography Talk is a sharing community for photographers, both professional and amateur. There is also a forum for discussion about anything and everything relating to photography. One of the most recent contributions is a gorgeous picture of last week’s vivid Aurora Borealis. Since this is a joint effort from photographers around the globe, there are many different styles, and there really are no limits as to what you’ll find on this page.


Alan Slade


“Peace, love, and music. ‘Uncertainty is not an agreeable condition, but certainty is an absurd one.’ Voltaire was addressing certain religions but I think it’s cool whatever you’re doing.  ”

Some of the photos posted on this page appear to be taken by Slade himself, others he credits to various other photographers. Regardless of who’s taking the photos, this often overlooked page is full of beautiful pictures that you’ll surely love. You’ll find both landscape photography and portraits here, with the occasional painting or other artistic print thrown in for good measure.




“Amazing Photography”

Breathtaking photos fill this page, and you know you’re in for a treat right from the start when you see the sharp black and white cover photo of a magnificent lion laying at ease on the savanna. Following that, you’re treated to a plethora of colourful images, complete with bright orange sparks against a black backdrop, multi-hued balloons hanging from a clothes line, and then you have a silhouette of a man on a stepladder as he paints the moon up into the sky. There’s certainly no lack of amazing photos here.


Stephanie Bolling


“Lover of life, music, good cooking and my friends whom are few. The world has a lot of dangerous people who have a tendency to take advantage of people so I choose my circle of friends carefully and wisely.”

This page isn’t strictly a photography page, there are some video and other miscellaneous shares, but I’m including it here because Bolling does post many beautiful, interesting photos. The most compelling thing about the photos are the quotes she finds to accompany each image. For example, recently she posted a vintage black and white photo of an overcrowded family squeezed into a tiny living space, a woman’s weathered face staring back at you, and above the photo reads the famous Grapes of Wrath Steinbeck quote: “If you’re in trouble, or hurt or need – go to the poor people. They’re the only ones that’ll help – the only ones.”


Colby Brown


“I am a professional fine art landscape, travel and humanitarian photographer/photo instructor and author that lives in Denver, CO with my amazing wife (Sarah), Son (Jack) and adorable dog (Denali). I get to travel the world and document some of the most beautiful locations on this planet. “

Even a quick glance at Brown’s page will instantly show you why he has garnered more than two million followers. His photos are beyond being merely stunning, and they certainly portray the picturesque and sublime landscapes beloved by the Romantics two-hundred years ago. Wildfires, mammoth waterfalls in Iceland, and the Grand Tetons in Wyoming are only a few examples of the larger than life pictures you’ll find here. Brown’s page truly contains some of the most awe inspiring images I’ve ever seen in my life.


Chris Miller


“I’m from New Zealand originally, but these days I’m based in London working as a software developer. My interests include snowboarding, photography, computers & technology, travelling, squash, and a whole bunch of other random stuff. Most of my public posts on here tend to be photography related but I’ll occasionally post about other topics that I happen to find interesting too.”

Quirky and neat are the first words that come to mind when I look at Miller’s photography. I’m really not sure how he gets some of these shots, they’re so wonderful, often taken from strange vantage points. To illustrate my point, his latest post shows a bird’s eye view of four people standing atop a small mysteriously swirled cliff with the commentary: “A few members of our party standing on a travertine formation inside the first collapsed roof section of Son Doong Cave.” A little further down, you’ll find a bright and sunny photo of a mountain in the Arctic Circle, fluffy white clouds drifting over a blue sky, and it’s all lovely and good, but then you’re taken aback when you read Miller’s commentary explaining that the photo was taken just before midnight in Spitsbergen. Miller’s page is full of surprising images from his travels around the world.