Check Out These Top YouTube Gardening Channels!

       by Brandy D. Anderson

Source: cohdra

Source: cohdra

Gardening is one of the most useful things you can do. When you grow your own food, you not only take charge of what you’re eating, but you also ensure that you’re not inadvertently ingesting any nasty pesticides or other chemicals. Although books are wonderful guides, YouTube is an even better resource because you can see firsthand footage of just how to accomplish your goals. All of the channels I’ve included here are also very good at engaging with their viewers, so you can benefit first-hand from their expertise.


Gary Pilarchik


90,691 Subscribers

About: “This channel is dedicated to tomato and vegetable gardening. I try and make my videos short and to the point. I blog and make HD videos about all aspects of vegetable gardening from seed starting to harvesting. I also give you some tools and ideas to battle garden pests and diseases. And… ways to cook and use your vegetables. Grilled tomatoes anyone? I have nearly 600 garden videos between two channels. Keyword search the vegetable garden topic that interests you most if you don’t see a video! I also have a blog called The Rusted Vegetable Garden that is very active and full of pictures. If you want to meet gardeners from around the world check out my Google+ Gardening Communities below like My Tomato and Vegetable Garden. Dig around! Join my groups to learn and for quick garden Q & A. I plan to Vlog and Blog the entire Gardening Season – every year!”

Pilarchik is friendly and engaging. His page begins with a wonderful introduction video which gives you a clear picture of just what you’ll find on this prolific channel. He breaks down what to expect from each of his videos, explains that all of his videos are “real time”, meaning he consistently uploads with timely videos and tips so you can garden along with him. He also lets you know that he checks user comments on his videos, and he’s always open to suggestions for future video ideas.

In the intro video, Pilarchik tells you that he makes 75 to 100 videos a year, going on to say that he makes “videos weekly that cover all aspects of gardening activity. They are topical, relevant, designed to teach and done in real time. I have over 600 garden videos that cover seed starting, indoor lighting, construction, container gardening, raised bed gardening, organic gardening, planting, tending, harvesting and even grilling and making mixed drinks. Everything and more!”

Some of his videos include: “A Complete Guide for Starting Peppers Indoors”, “Frost Protection For Your Transplants: Fast & Easy Use”, “Moving Your Over-Wintered Cool Weather Crops to One Location: Not Exciting but So Useful!”, “Garden Tour 1: Out of Winter Hibernation”, “Green Growth and Using Lettuce Transplants”, and “Over-Seeding Method for Loose Leaf Lettuce”. You’ll find a lot of neat and tidy play lists, too, like: “Keep It Simple (KIS) Vegetable Gardening Series”, “All My 2016 Vegetable Garden Videos In Order”, “Grow It Cook It Eat It: A Collaborative Garden & Cooking Series”, “How to Build a Raised Bed Vegetable Garden”, and a lot more.




104,433 Subscribers

About: “Welcome to MIgardener! 100% Organic Gardening, Self-Sustainability, Healthy Recipes and much more for the gardener of today. Learn how to grow more, live healthier lives and have fun doing it! **2-3 NEW VIDEOS EACH WEEK l Monday l Wednesday l Friday ** Download our FREE How to Grow Tomatoes E-book at : Comments or Questions? Send them to:”

MIgardner is hosted and run by enthusiastic gardeners Luke and Cindy. The intro video tells you that MIgardner is all about “stressing organic gardening and eating the nutrient dense food that is coming from your garden”. They do “simple, sustainable, and obtainable” videos, which means: “simple gardening information for your sustainable garden, and the information is always obtainable because we don’t think information should be sold, and instead, should be available for free to everyone”.

In “Building & Filling 12 Brand New Raised Beds!” you get close footage of Luke sawing lumber, picking the perfect spot to lay them down, assembling the pieces together, and filling them with soil, all the while quirky music fills the soundtrack. There’s a neat series called “Back to Basics” that they just started. The first episode is called “Picking the Right Location”, and the second one is “Picking the Right Seeds”. Another video is all about “Harvesting From the Garden Indoors”.

They have fun subscriber giveaways, like the recent contest for “100,000 Subscriber Giveaway” and the subsequent on-air drawing for the winner. They also have a free tomato e-book available, the link is found in the introduction video details. There are a lot cool play lists: “DIY Gardening Tutorials & Hacks!”, “Fun, Helpful Gardening Tips for all Gardeners!”, “Garden Fresh Recipes (Low Fat, Vegan, Canning, & More!)”, “How to Grow Indoors: Hydroponics & More”, and “How to Save Seeds: Seed Saving Tutorials”. There are a lot of other play lists here, as well, including one non-gardening list featuring their favourite music.


Rob Bob’s Backyard Farming & Aquaponics


93,469 Subscribers

About: “Hi folks, it’s Rob here. On our backyard farming channel we’re posting clips on growing food with aquaponics, water saving wicking beds on our small suburban block. I also like to post a few harvest clips & have a few series on permaculture & Native bee planed for later this year? For folks interested in the hands on approach I have playlists covering Aquaponic systems “How To” clips, Chicken Feeders, Worm Farms, Seed Saving, Air Pruning Root Pouches & Self Watering Wicking Gardens of all shapes & sizes that are great for reducing our water usage. New clips are posted the channel every weekend with the odd one gets posted here & there during the week. If you would like to get in touch via snail mail you can send it to Rob’s Backyard Farm Po Box 2045 North Ipswich QLD 4305 Australia If you enjoy the clips & their content you can subscribe to receive notification so you don’t miss out on any upcoming clips. Hope You’re well & happy, Rob. ”

Rob is a very personable host, and he also has a soothing Aussie accent to boot! Although he doesn’t have a specific introduction video, he updates the pinned video at frequent intervals. Currently, the video is “Urban Farm Front Yard Wicking Garden Update: Squash, Bananas, + More” and it does give you a nice look at what to expect from this pleasantly laid-back channel. The description reads, “Hi folks. Took the camera for a spin around the front yard wicking veggie patch to give you a bit of a look at how it’s going. Also checked in on the banana clump & some new additions for the patch. Will be sorting out the bathtub bed and planting out the new starts as soon as things cool down a bit here.”

In “Beautiful Aquaponic Greens Harvest Turned Into Tasty Pesto Pasta” you get to see the lovely green garden, including some gorgeous spinach, basil, and mushroom herbs. You learn about Rob’s “Top 5 Reasons to Use Mulch & Some Popular Varieties” , and he gives a nice run-down on lots of other kinds of mulch, what it’s used for, and how to get free mulch, too, “if you’re prepared to put in a bit of effort to collect them”. Another fun thing he does is he takes polls for various gardening topics; for instance, on this video, he asks what everyone’s favourite mulch is.

You can find cool play lists like “Aquaponic Harvest Clips”, “Patreon Video Collections”, “Turmeric & Ginger. Growing & Usage Clips”, “For Red”, “How to Build an Aquaponic System”, “Aquaponic Vlogs”, “Aquaculture (RAS) System”, and loads more. There’s a separate section for play lists for “Chicken Clips. Chook Feeders, Updates, & Other Feathery Clips” and another section containing two other play lists for “Compost Worms, Compost, & Mulch Play List”. One of my favourite recent videos was a live broadcast of a wicked hail, thunder, and lightening storm. New videos are posted frequently, with anywhere from eight to fourteen new videos posted every month.