The 3 Best Hair Channels You Need!

       by Brandy D. Anderson

Source: stapaw

Source: stapaw

Although Summer still clings on, Autumn is starting to anxiously claw its own way forward. Just as the seasons constantly change, so does fashion, and that certainly includes hair. Fall is the perfect time to mix up your look, and YouTube is the best place to go for new ideas. Whether you have short or long hair, straight or curly, thin or think, these three channels will help you mix it all up into a new, ultra cool ‘do.


Kayley Melissa

Source: svklimkin

Source: svklimkin

1,400,000 subscribers

About: “Hairstyles for every day! I love hair and I want everyone else to love their hair too. Come by for some quick tutorials, character recreations, and just general lifestyle and beauty! Instagram: KayleyMelissa Pinterest: Facebook: Twitter: ”

Melissa is a bright and energetic YouTube personality and her enthusiasm for sharing awesome hair tips really shines through. She frequently checks user comments as well, and she’ll often make videos specific to requests, such as the recent “Tips and Tricks: How to Bobby Pin a Bun!” This channel has more diverse content than most hair channels, and that’s partly because Melissa is so wonderfully receptive and responsive to her viewers.

There are many, many videos on this channel, as well as a few organized play lists. Play lists are as follows: “Braid Encyclopedia”, “How to Curl Your Hair”, “5 Minutes to Cute Hair”, “Short and Medium Hair Tutorials”, “All About My Hair”, “Beauty & Favourites”, “7 Days of Hairstyles!”, “Welcome to Kayley Melissa”, and “My Wedding Series”. But my personal favourite play list is called “Getting Into Character”, where she teaches you how to mimic the complicated hairstyles of a number of different fictional characters.

There are actually thirty seven character tutorials so far. Character styles include Octavia Blake from “The 100”, “Daenery’s Season 7 Hairstyle Tutorial” from “Game of Thrones”, “Wonder Woman Braid Hair Tutorial”, “All the Beauty and the Beast Hairstyles”, “Half Harley Quinn/Half Joker Halloween Hair and Makeup”, and “Iconic Game of Thrones Hairstyles”. More styles include “Donald Trump Hair”, “Easy Snow White Updo”, “Disney’s Ariel AND Aurora Hair Tutorial”, “1920s Finger Wave Updo!”, “Orphan Black Clone Club Hair Tutorial”, and tons more (including most Disney princess styles). Some of the other videos which are not included in any of the play lists are “How to Get Volume Without Hair Extensions”, “Zig Zag Half Updo on Long and Short Hair”, “My Ear Piercing Experience, Pain, & Care (Faux Rook & High Lobe)”, and “3 Back to School Hairstyles 2017”.


Create Beautiful Hair & Makeup


Unknown subscribers

Unknown subscribers

About: “Professional hair and makeup training from Pam Wrigley, London.

This page is specifically geared towards aspiring professionals, which is fantastic because that means it gives a detailed, step by step tutorial of how to complete a ton of different styles! The welcoming video reads, “Create Beautiful Hair provides AQA Accredited courses in Bridal Hair and Makeup across the UK. We also provide an online learning service where you can learn from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world”. The channel is run by Pam Wrigley, who was voted the best wedding stylist of the year.

Wrigley has a calm, soothing demeanour and her tutorials are clear and detailed. Her voice is pleasant with a crisp and measured English accent. A number of different camera angles work to give a clear view of the styles being implemented. Wrigley gives a lot of wonderful insider tips that you won’t get from stylists who don’t have that professional training. Some of the hairstyles you’ll find here are more technical ones which require various curlers and sizes, but none of them require professional equipment beyond an array of curlers and clips. There is a focus on formal styles, particularly wedding and fancy dress, but there are fun costume styles as well, such as a wonderful tutorial on how to do 1920s’ era finger waves.

There are a few different play lists on this channel. They’re called “Quick Bridal Hair Tips”, “Bridal Hair Webinars”, “Sample eLearning Videos”, “Outtakes :)”, and “Braiding Courses”. The outtake videos are short but fun little snippets. I wish more channels included outtakes like these, they’re almost always entertaining. More examples of further videos you’ll find here include: “27 Top Tips (to) Get Your Styles Secure”, “Habia Announcement”, “21 Top Tips Twist and Pull For Quick Easy Hair Styles”, “Working With Naturally Curly Hair”, “23 Top Tips Texturising Dust – When and Where”, and “24 Top Tips Hair-up Styles: How to Disguise Big Ears”.


Luxy Hair

Source: jurnaa

Source: jurnaa

3,000,000 subscribers

About: “We love hair! So we create easy and cute everyday hairstyles and also glamorous hair tutorials inspired by celebrities. Braids, buns, updos, waves, curls and any other hairstyle can be found on Luxy Hair, as well as hair advice and much more! Follow us on Instagram: @luxyhair and @luxyhairlove Follow us on Snapchat: luxyhairlove”

The intro video starts off by saying, “On this channel, you will find lots of different hair tutorials, beautiful hairstyles, hair hacks, hair extensions tips & tricks and more!” Then you see a montage of various hairstyles, most of them for long hair, and there’s textual commentary over the bouncy music: “On our Luxy Hair YouTube channel you can find…hair hacks…tutorials with extensions…heatless hairstyles…easy and beautiful hairstyles for any occasion…and much more…” There is a plethora of tutorials for how to work with extensions and how to seamlessly blend them in with your own hair and updos/downdos (is that a word?). This really is -the- channel for you if you often work with extensions.

There are quite a few different hosts leading various tutorials, and all of them are upbeat and engaging. The different hosts are an asset to the channel because they offer tips for a variety of different hair types and styles. There are a TON of different videos here, and most of them are neatly organized into play lists.

The play lists are varied and many, but they include lists for: “Easy & Everyday Hairstyles”, “Back to School Hairstyles”, “Luxy Hair Extensions: Care, Tips, & Tricks”, “Updos”, “Half Up Half Down Hairstyles”, “Seamless Luxy Hair Extension Reviews”, “Before & After Transformations”, “Hairstyles For Short Hair”, “Ponytail Hairstyles”, “Hairstyles For Curly Hair”, and “Hairstyles For Important Occasions and Holidays”.