Here’s Where To Get Your Facebook News!

       by Brandy D. Anderson

Source: mconnors

Source: mconnors

In our current polarized climate, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to know where to go for news. With many of us on Facebook, it’s the perfect place to get your info, while also knowing what bias is colouring the stories on each page. I’ve rounded up three news accounts on FB, one that leans progressively left, one that leans rather to the right, and one that floats almost in the middle. Without further ado, here they are:


News and Guts

Source: mconnors

Source: mconnors


About: “A news, media, and production company created by journalism icon Dan Rather and dedicated to insightful coverage and conversation.”

Veteran heavyweight Dan Rather is the man behind this news site. Rather has certainly been busy lately, and it’s easy to forget that he ever stopped reporting at all. Not only has he created this production company, he also hosts his own show on the progressive news network The Young Turks. Once a staple of American living rooms everywhere, Rather is reinventing himself and he’s quickly regaining the popularity he knew for decades. This is evident by his nearly one and a half million followers on News and Guts‘ Facebook page, and that doesn’t count its webpage, Twitter, or YouTube accounts.

Some of the stories are being reported by Rather himself, some of them are reported by others, and the post will link to the corresponding news organizations. There are a lot of different stories reported here, the page is constantly being updated with breaking news. Here’s one recent story which just came out: “BREAKING: A victory for Donald Trump today as the Supreme Court limits people traveling to the U.S. from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria. Yemen, North Korea and Venezuela.” This particular post links to a story reported by NBC News. Another article links to MSNBC: “Surreptitious Video Offers Peek at Impact of Trump Border Policy”, and it includes this added commentary by News and Guts: “This isn’t easy to watch, but it’s important to know what is going on inside the facilities holding children separated from their parents. Now Rachel Maddow is giving us a rare look at what some of these kids are going through. MSNBC received this exclusive video from a worker who said she wasn’t happy with what was going on.”

Another post comes from a news story directly reported by News and Guts: “Protest or Harassment: When Does Taking a Stand Cross the Line?” Accompanying commentary reads, “We can’t stay silent when such injustice is going on. Making our voices heard is important, but when does it go too far? Can words ever go too far?” And yet another article comes from BuzzFeed: “The Commander of the Tent Facility Holding Separated Immigrant Children Says it Was a Dumb Policy”. News and Guts added, “For the first time since it opened on June 14, journalists were allowed into the Tornillo tent facility housing 326 immigrant children. The commander in charge of that compound told reporters Monday that Trump’s policy was ‘an incredibly dumb, stupid decision by our leadership.’”. Bias: clearly liberal. Biggest strength: News and Guts covers a lot of different sources and mediums.


The Daily Wire

Source: mconnors

Source: mconnors


About: “Our goal is simple: unmask leftists in the media for who they are, destroy their credibility with the American public, and devastate their funding bases.”

Ben Shapiro is the main voice behind The Daily Wire: he founded the website in 2015. The website claims to be “a hard-hitting, irreverent news and commentary site for a new generation of conservatives”. Shapiro has certainly been around for awhile; at seventeen years old, he was the youngest nationally syndicated columnist in the United States, and now, at thirty-five, he continues to write for various publications and he also hosts his own daily political podcast. With his Facebook page at nearly two-million followers, this account is definitely a popular place.

There’s a lot of coverage of some pretty diverse topics here. One recent post starts with saying that, “His wife courageously fought against addictions brought on by migraine medication as well as mental illness” and it links to an article on The Daily Wire: “Watch: Heartbreaking Press Conference Where Alabama Attorney General Mourns the Suicide of His Wife”. Another post reads, “Southwest Key Programs Says They’re Scared: Non-Profit Shelter Housing Immigrant Kids Receives Bomb Threats, Says Activists are Stalking Staff”. Another article posted from The Daily Wire is titled, “Marvel Studios Chief Promises LGBT Superheroes”.

There’s a recent post that begins with a quote from the linked article, “ ‘… I think that the chances of chaos in the streets and violent clashes across the country just rose considerably’” and the accompanying Daily Wire article is titled, “Walsh: Things Are About to Get Very, Very Ugly”. The article begins, “As recently as yesterday morning, I said that I couldn’t foresee America descending into a full-blown civil war. I may have to slightly amend that statement. The retirement of Justice Kennedy and the very real (though far from certain) possibility that Roe could be overturned changes the equation somewhat…” While most of the articles posted here are from The Daily Wire, they do occasionally post articles from other publications. For instance, there’s a post linking to an article from The Blaze: “Liz Warren Loves the ‘Mitch McConnell Rule’ – But That’s Not What She Said a Month Ago”, and the comment from The Daily Wire reads, “How times have changed…” Bias: unabashedly conservative. Biggest strength: in a world that’s often obsessed with the celebrity of Trump, The Daily Wire posts about a lot of other conservative issues beyond the current president’s tweets.


The Wall Street Journal

Source: mconnors

Source: mconnors


About: “Breaking news, investigative reporting, business coverage and features from The Wall Street Journal. ”

Founded on the 8th of July, 1889, The Wall Street Journal has been a mainstay of news outlets for over a hundred years. It has the largest circulation of any newspaper in the United States and it sells more than two million copies each day. It’s won forty Pulitzer prizes, and both its print and online editions are wildly popular. Although its focus is on business (The Wall Street Journal is owned by Dow Jones & Company), it covers wide ranging topics of federal and international interest well beyond financial matters.

One of the most recent posts from The Wall Street Journal links to their article stating that “Both Parties Mobilize for Supreme Court Battle Over Kennedy’s Successor”, the post commentary adds, “The White House and GOP dust off their playbook from the Gorsuch nomination, and Democrats search for a way to derail the pick”. Another post starts off with this: “Opinion: Technology and demography can’t be halted; they will always go forward. The U.S. will need to find ways to adapt domestically, but if these trends are handled well, the prospects for America to benefit are remarkably bright, writes George P. Schultz”, and the article linked bears this title: “America Can Ride the 21st Century’s Waves of Change”.

“California passes sweeping bill that tightens data-privacy protections for consumers and is considered a template for other states” is the beginning of another post. There are a lot of stories about federal legislation, like this one stating, “The Senate bill, which passed by 86-11, omits controversial food-stamp work requirements passed in the House’s version of the bill”, the article linked bears the title: “Senate Passes $867 Billion Farm Bill, Omitting House’s Food-Stamp Work Requirement”. More examples of posts you’ll find here include this one, “President Donald Trump said that a $10 billion Foxconn Technology Group megaplant that broke ground in Wisconsin on Thursday is evidence that manufacturing jobs are coming back to America, a key part of his election-year promises”. You’ll even get the occasional sports news item: “Belgium’s victory saw it finish top of Group G but end up with a tougher path to the final, while England’s loss could be a win for the team”. Bias: tends to lean right at times, but not as far as many. Biggest strength: The Wall Street Journal has earned a reputation for fairly objective reporting in a media world increasingly biased towards one direction or another.