Hilarious, Fun Facebook Memes You Need!

       by Brandy D. Anderson

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It’s always good to arm yourself with as much comedic relief as possible. You can find some funny stuff on Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr, sure, but one of the best places is Facebook because it allows accounts to easily mix images, text, and videos all together. Without further ado, here are some awesome Facebook meme accounts that are certain to give you a smile when you need it the most.


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About: “The worlds official source for memes. Your daily dose of entertainment.”

Going strong since 2012, this account has long been a staple for your daily dose of memes. The admin of this page is very prolific, new memes and content are constantly posted throughout each day. A lot of the memes shared here consist of hilarious tweets. One recent meme begins with the comment, “Wait a minute” and the image attached is a tweet sent by @camrygirlz that reads, “7 thousand pp on earth and u still single”. Another one comes from @KhiryAnon: “so I asked my mom why is she still talking to by old boo and she asked me ‘why are you still talking to my ex husband?’. Ma’am.. that is my father :D” [sic].

One of the best, most relatable memes ever goes like this: “A text from your friend that you could receive any moment: Katherine: I’m about to cause a scene, text u later”. Here’s a very funny story about empowerment: “My 7yo daughter: someone at camp said girls aren’t tough. Me: what did you say to that? My 7yo, who has had a loose tooth for over a week: I pulled out my tooth in front of him and he stopped talking to me. #parenting”. Now, really, though, the crown jewel on this page is the infamous live-on-air fight between Nickelodeon’s Double Dare host Marc Summers and Burt Reynolds on the Jay Leno Show aptly captioned, “LEGENDARY”.

“That last one though” is the caption accompanying this text: “baaabe, honeyyy, sugar, pumpkin, cupcake, puddin, the longer you’re offline, the weirder names I’ll call you … cereal, room temperature milk, nandos, cold McDonald’s fries”. One of the best things about this account,a and something that makes it stick out from the others, is the plethora of funny memes shared by various followers in the comment sections of the posts. I’ll list a few of my recent favourites: “90s’ scientists: We cloned a sheep! We landed a robot on Mars! Scientists today: For the last time, the earth is * round *”, “My 4yo just said, “Daddy, why do people make up things that their children have said for social media? Isn’t it just inherently dishonest & indicative of an inability to construct a compelling narrative themselves?”


Daily Memes 

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About: “Since 2017”

This account thrives on video memes, which really sets it apart from other meme accounts. One of the most popular posts shows a gif of Barney and Robin from How I Met Your Mother with the caption, “Every good work friendship starts with: ‘When I first saw you I thought you were a b*tch’…”, and the two are giving each other synchronized high-fives. A particular favourite video of mine revolves around the super fun world of coffee excess! It begins with, “I’m cranky, let’s brew it!” The admin added, “This addicted to coffee song sums up my life perfectly. This is so relatable “.

Here are some of the lyrics, and you better believe there is a lot of dancing going on (and naturally the dancers are wearing giant coffee cups): “I’m just an addict, looking for some java, as soon as I open my eyes, I wanna drink it from a trough. I gotta caffeinate my soul, or hate everyone that’s living, mug is the life I chose, I’m sipping on an IV of espresso… My blood type is caffeine … My coffee needs coffee … Sometimes I order fancy, soy latte, agave, drizzle, quad shot, extra foam with whip, extra hot, three shots of peppermint… ” All coffee drinkers need to check this song out.

“This is me as a parent” features a funny movie scene between Leslie Mann and her daughter’s classmate arguing over the “hot list” the boy made, a list that did not include her daughter, Sadie. The mom tracks down the boy and tells him, “You know what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna make my own hot list, and I’m not gonna put you on the list” and then she proceeds to verbally eviscerate him. If you’re into music memes, you’ll find that here, too. For some metal meets boyband action, check out “If It’s Gonna Be Me’ by NSYNC”. This account also posts some videos of odd or unique things that aren’t really memes, but are pretty cool nonetheless. For instance, “Something out of the box” shows some crazy blacksmith skills and there are a number of different artistic projects and quirky news items.



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About: “Started in August 2013.”

Memes, memes, and more memes. This account has a nice array of hilarious memes to laugh over. There’s a picture of an adorable but sullen little dog: “When ur hungry and someone’s trying to be funny”. Another is a video clip of the red Power Ranger zipping and zagging, this way and that, as the Ranger tries to avoid explosives: “How you look when your drunk uncle buys bootleg fireworks”. There’s a gif of a man trying not to cry: “When you get sick, check your symptoms online, and find out you only have 3 hours to live”. Poor hypochondriacs.

Another meme gif shows a cool guy, decked out in sunglasses and ‘cool guy’ clothes, strolling and stopping near a group of people as he flawlessly pops open a lawn chair: “When I spot the weed circle at the party”. A tattooed boxer struts his way through a crowd: “When you fix the wifi just by restarting the router”. Another post shows a very fashionable toddler lounging away, “When you’re cleaning and get distracted and end up like this for 3 hours”.

More memes include: Bart Simpson sitting alone on a bench, broken hearts circle his head and the caption reads, “When your best friend is busy and you’re just sitting around, wondering what to do with your life”, there’s a picture of the serene turtle kung fu master from Kung Fu Panda that reads, “When your family leaves and you’re left home alone”. A funny, and odd, video shows a man looking for food in his fridge, a metal garbage can suddenly lunches towards him, he’s startled and jumps, but weaves back to grab some random food from the freezer before he bolts out of the room. I love this account because there is an endless and uninterrupted collection of memes that I don’t see anywhere else.