‘Let’s Play’ On Twitter: YouTubers Tweet

       by Brandy D. Anderson

Source: badlong

Source: badlong

Savvy social media stars know they can’t just stick to one media platform. For instance, some of the hottest YouTube gamers are also tackling Twitter with just as much frequency as the video channel. Whether you’re into funny gamers or you’re more interested in peeking behind that YT curtain, these four Let’s Play Tweeters will surely entertain you:



Source: Breezanemom

Source: Breezanemom



“Top o’ the mornin’ to ya!” This enthusiastic Irish YouTuber runs a fun and energetic Twitter page. While he posts a lot of updates for his various channel uploads, he also posts funny tweets that have nothing to do with his videos. For example, here’s some of his most recent tweets: “I now count the hours in each day by how much Dark Souls III I get to play”, “Cables are the bane of my existence…”, “Did you ever realise that the old you is also the younger you. MIND BLOWN!!”, and “*rub rub rub* ‘He seems to like that’ This is all I have learned from Miitomo so far”.

More tweets include: “A lot of my Tube Tycoon videos are just me ranting about various YouTube related things haha”, and for St. Patrick’s Day we were treated to a few funny tidbits: “Can we change it to ‘Fist Me Paddy’ for today?”, “Happy ‘everyone pretends to be Irish so they can have an excuse to get drunk’ day! :D” Even his video sharing tweets are funny: “Why send rocks to knock down a wall when I can launch my little dude OVER the wall! Human Fall Flat!”, “A very good ‘How To’ animated video on cake making!! BEHOLD MY BAKEY GOODNESS!”, “Is this what it feels like to actually have fun in Super Mario Maker??! :O”. For Daylight Savings Day, he tweeted “I just time traveled an hour into the future!!” You’ll also see the occasional fan art or CGI pictures of Jack himself: “Look at this cutie!!” I’ll leave you with this tweet from Jack: “I’m actually not Irish. That’s a front to cover up the fact that I’m actually a badger!”



Source: clarita

Source: clarita


About: “Gamer, horror fan, DnD nerd, wrestling freak, comic enthusiast and noodles devourer. Yogscast Video Maker. Constantly dreaming about space, the Final Frontier.”

This Yogscast gamer’s Twitter is updated constantly. While many of her tweets are straightforward shares from her channel, she also posts a ton of updates regarding gamer news and she shares her passion for WWE as well. Examples of a few of her tweets include: “Don’t Starve Together! I’m joined by Rythian, CaffCast, and Chrissa! How will we survive with no eyes?” and “Thank you so much for your insane generosity & love on tonight’s stream guys. It totally blindsided me; I’m a mess right now. I love you all x”.

She hosts a number of live sessions: “Gonna be doing a super chill afternoon stream starting at 4pm, come say hi, bring a cup of tea!”, and after a slight technical difficulty during the stream, “And we’re live again at twitch!! Come join me for a chilled secret stream if you fancy :D”. There are embedded videos from events she attends, “One of the happiest moments in my life: throwing blue goop on Duncan”, followed by “Life has never been better than the moment I poured gunk all over Duncan at the Gadget Show 2016”. Kim also posts a lot of fun and interesting ‘behind the scenes’ photos from events. And if you’re a wrestling fan, she’s got you covered there, too: “Crickey. I never really quite realised how tall Shaq was until I saw him towering over both the Big Show and Kane”, “OMG the Women’s Triple Threat match is the best bit of women’s wrestling I’ve seen in forever! Maybe change really is finally coming to WWE!” Kim’s Twitter page is perfect for an eclectic mix of gaming news, contact sports, and backstage peeks at gaming events.



Source: quicksandala

Source: quicksandala


About: “I tend to talk about random stuff. But none the less, God bless!”

When SSundee tells you he talks about ‘random stuff’, he’s not lying. His Twitter page is full of random, but usually funny, always offbeat, observations, quips, and pictures. His most recent tweet simply says, “gimmie plz” along with a retweet from Timeless PvP for a Kit Saiyan giveaway. He utilizes his “Derp SSundee” voice often, complete with extra ‘z’s and dropped consonants galore. He also posts amusing gifs like the recent Dragon Ball animation: “I just became Goku”. There’s a screencap taken during his editing process: “It’s like an onion with so many layers. #shrekt”.

Of course, SSundee’s Twitter is full of his oddball trademark humour: “I can’t feel my face when I’m with you. And I hate it… I need a doctor”, “I dunno wut 2 record today, I miss Skyfactory”, “How many of you have been Rick Rolled today? April 1st is evil”, “I think I change my profile pic more than anyone else I know… do I have an issue…”, and “From now on…call me Benry”. More tweets include: “Derp SSundee spit some fire raps today… DAAAAANG SON”, “I rode a bike today around the neighbourhood. I tell the best stories”, “hisssssssssssssssss”, “First video will up in around 1 hour. I trolled the crap out of someone LEL”, and “I asked my wife to be my valentine… she said no. i cri evrytim”. There’s a slightly alarming close up of SSundee’s face bearing a maniacal smile: “I have a professional Twitter pic now”. An even more arresting pic is a colourful drawing of a My Little Pony style pegasus with SSundee’s blue face photoshopped on top. This is just a taste of what you’ll see on SSundee’s wacky Twitter page.


LDShadow Lady



About: “Lizzie. 23 year old YouTube Gamer and Cat-Lover… @Smallishbeans is my player 2. Instagram: LDShadowLady”

LDShadowLady is an effervescent gamer who runs an equally vivacious Twitter account. She posts a mix of gaming tweets, funny tweets, fan tweets, and sometimes she posts ‘fun facts’: “Fun fact: I only have an automatic driving license. I never learnt to drive a manual”. She rallies fans for the occasional poll: “Let’s all work together and help me not come last in this poll. :O” and “Thank you all for helping me achieve my goal of not coming last. I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to vote. 😀 <3”.

LDShadowLady isn’t afraid of being goofy: “Let’s all get on Agar.io and make an army of #TeamLDShadowLady blobs!” and the tweet has hilariously silly close ups of her in Agar.io blob shapes. Another one: “I poked myself in the eye with mascara so now I’m crying black tears”. There are requests to fans for gaming hook ups: “Looking for someone who builds Adventure Maps! Please show me some of your previous work building a story/adventure map. :)”. She shares funny little observations: “Being an adult sucks. I’ve been so busy lately sorting out home insurance & carpet fittings, etc! I’ve had no time to make videos :c” and “Would it be super weird if I brought myself an armchair instead of an office chair? …”. You’ll also find random but fun tweets like her pictorial share of “Unicorn nails”, photos of her kitty friend, and pictures of her huddled beneath a blanket standing by her window.