Need a Laugh? Facebook’s Funniest Pages

       by Brandy D. Anderson

Source: quicksandala


I’ve recently discovered three hilarious Facebook accounts to amuse you. Full of funny memes, jokes, videos, and photos, these pages are all certainly worth checking out and giving a follow.


It’s Alonzo


About: “I make new videos EVERY WEEK on youtube”

Alonzo Lerone is hilarious, he posts a mix of funny photos and videos that he makes for his YouTube channel. His account is great for overall humour that will likely appeal to pretty much everyone. A mix of memes, screenshots, and videos, his prolific posts are rather eclectic. One meme he shared begins with his comment, “Facebook is something else” and then you see a screenshot of a post where someone wrote these glorious typos: “so they clothes school tomorrow??” Then someone responded, “They shirt it down”. Alonzo shared another funny image of a photo someone posted on Facebook along with the caption, “My baby made his own lunchbox today, thank god I checked it first”, and the lunchbox is filled with Oreo cookies, potato chips, and sugary grape drinks. Alonzo added, “The kid was tryna get LIT!”

There’s a funny meme that starts with a man asking, “Ladies, when’s the last time a guy opened the car door for you?” and it’s followed by this woman’s response: “When I got arrested.” Facebook user Corey Searl asked this question on the Domino’s Pizza account: “Why the hell did you get rid of the pasta bowls. Someone needs to be fired”. Then, the following exchange occurred: Domino’s Pizza official account wrote, “We aren’t Domino’s Pasta. This isn’t the Olive Garden” – Corey Searl: “You still have them pathetic wings on your menu…forget you ain’t Buffalo Wild Wings, either?” Then Kentucky Fried Chicken piped in, “Our wings are better than Buffalo Wild Wings and Domino’s combined, Corey. Come sit on the Colonel’s lap and get some of this chicken.” Corey quips, “Funny of you to chime in. Bring back Twisters”. Alonzo tops it all off with this hilarious comment on the top of his post: “Corey ain’t playing with y’all today”.

One of Alonzo’s videos is called “Stupid Questions on the Internet” where he finds various question and answer boards and he picks out the most ridiculous of them all. Here are some of the questions he reads aloud, followed by the top answers: “What is the fear of chainsaws called?” – “Common sense.” “How can I safely look at a picture of the sun?” – “Look at the picture at night when the sun is sleeping.” Another video Alonzo posted is called, “CRAZY Laws in America”. Here are a few of the laws he reads out, “Alabama: You may not have an ice cream cone in your back pocket”, “Alaska: Moose may not be viewed from an airplane. It is considered an offence to push a live moose out of a moving airplane”, “California: Sunshine is guaranteed to the masses. Women may not drive in a housecoat”, and he talks about many more in this hilarious video. There is a ton of content to go through here.


Student Problems

Source: thelesleyshow


About: “The home of all the best student entertainment, knowledge and comedy.. Ztudent Problems is the global student union. We connect over 10 million students through their shared passions, interests, and struggles. Join our Facebook group and post your best memes.”

Student Problems is an amusing page that really feeds off of its community. Anyone can submit memes, so you’ll find a large variety of humour and styles. Although this page mostly caters to the university crowd, it would also be funny for people in high school, and really, for anyone who looks back on school with a healthy dose of sarcasm and nostalgia. Some posts are pretty universal, in or out of school, like this meme that starts out with, “How I think I look during morning classes vs How I actually look during morning classes” and there’s a photo of lovely Gina Linetti from Brooklyn Nine-Nine vs Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Joe Lo Truglio looking sour and wearing a wig.

Another meme features a very tired Will Smith with the caption, “When you stay up all night to finish an assignment you procrastinated on, only to go to class the next day and the professor extends the deadline because nobody else did it.” This next one is relatable for work/school/life: “ *high of -13, windchill of -40, can develop frostbite in 5 minutes*: – Public schools: ‘In the interest of your health and safety, school is cancelled for the next 3 days’ – College: ‘LOL, Wear a scarf’”. Jsoli170 writes, “I like to play this game called nap roulette. It’s where I take a nap but don’t set an alarm. Will it be a 30 min nap? Will it be a 4 hour nap? Will I wake up tomorrow? Nobody knows, but it’s risky, and I like it.”

I love this one from @karlazgza: “Hiding from people you knew in HS in your local Target should be considered an extreme sport”. @JayyyTeee33 says, “I’d rather take a razor scooter to the ankle than stand up and tell the class a little about myself.” @_kilmmmm asks, “What would you do if someone left you 8.7 mil???” and @frenchkass responds, “Pay off my student loans and use the remaining $10 to go to the movies.” @kristygrizz says, “In some personal news, I’m thrilled to announce that I’m tired all day no matter how much sleep I get.” This one from @StrickJackson is hilarious: “We are 5 months into 2019 and it’s still January.” @ErinAlexxis shares, “College had me checking my emails in the middle of a party.” I’ll end with this meme, which is sadly true for so many of us, @itsKhyamii: “I accidentally dropped my debit card today in class, and a guy picked it up and pretended to run with it. LMAO, boy, if you don’t give me my $1.37 back…”


Overhead in Waitrose

Source: hotblack


About: “A page for publishing words often heard permeating the aisles of Britain’s poshest supermarket.”

This page began as a funny tribute to a grocery store chain in the UK. It contained hilarious things that people overheard whilst shopping, similar to pages devoted to Walmart in the States. However, recently, this page contains more links and memes than it does quotes, and all the posts are pretty darn funny. One post Waitrose recently shared says, “If anyone gets a message from me about tinned meat, don’t open it – it’s spam.”

There’s a link to an article titled, “22 More Devastating Middle Class Problems: Our thoughts are with you at this trying time”. The article is full of seemingly serious quotes taken from across the internet that just show you how obtuse some people are when they’re living in their own little privileged bubbles. Some of the gems you’ll find in the article, accompanied by amusing photos for each point include: “My house is so big that I can’t get wifi in my bedroom”, “My dinner was delicious, but not pretty enough to Instagram”, “My electric toothbrush is out of battery so I have to brush manually”, “My HD TV is too large for my wall”, and probably the best one, “I have too much free time because my part-time job pays so well”.

You can get read an article about “23 Agonisingly Middle Class Parenting Struggles: It’s tough out there. And Seraphina has ballet at 4pm”. Some of the points include: “How to introduce them to hummus is never easy”, “When your love for organic baby carrots is ‘ridiculous’”, “Choosing schools is a nightmare: Grim middle class parent on Today needs a new school for her children because she saw a pregnant girl going into the existing one”, and one more, “It’s embarrassing when your two-year-old corrects your Spanish: My child just asked me to sing for her in Spanish and then corrected my enunciation. She’s two. I wonder if she likes my outfit”. A few more titles you’ll find here include: “28 Invaluable Lifestyle Tips from Chat Magazine”, “30 Important Pieces of Graffiti”, and “31 Times Auto-correct Made Things Much, Much Worse”.