Spring Tweets! Top 3 Flower & Garden Accts

       by Brandy D. Anderson

Source: mconnors

Source: mconnors

Spring is here! The sun lingers longer each day, the air ambles closer towards that lazy Summer vibe, and it’s finally time to start planting again! Twitter is full of some great gardening advice, and these three accounts are the best places to find it!


Telegraph Gardening

Source: krosseel

Source: krosseel


About: “Gardening news and advice from the @Telegraph team, including our Chelsea Flower Show coverage”.

Telegraph Gardening is run by The Telegraph UK publication, which was founded in 1855. Their Twitter page is a cool mix of gardening tutorials, photos, news, and quirky tidbits. One such tidbit is a link to an article all about “Britain’s Most Mind-Boggling Mazes”, and the accompanying photo is really neat (just don’t think about Red Rum)! You can find out “How to Keep Your Pond Water Clear” or “How to Grow: Agapanthus”. A useful article for gardeners in any climate is the “Top 10 All-Weather Perennial Plants”.

If you live in the UK, you’ll certainly want to find out the “10 Poisonous Mushrooms to Watch Out For in Britain”, and you may want to then read “Eight Things You Didn’t Know About Magic Mushrooms”. Another article tells you about the “20 Best Trees”. If you’re a garden enthusiast, you’ll want to find the tweet boasting about “London’s Best Secret Gardens” and where to find them. Want to start your own successful garden at home? Well, then study up on the “50 Perfect Plants For a Family Garden” and then finish off with “Top 100 Plants Every Garden Should Have”.

There are also tweets which primarily feature lovely photos rather than articles, and you’ll be able to marvel over the pictured flowers, plants, landscapes, or birds. One such “Tweet of the Week” features the beautiful blue, purple, and sienna bird in “The Swallow”. Some tweets even cross disciplines like the one showing you how to distinguish “The Best Houseplants to Clean the Air in Your Home, as Recommended by NASA”. If you’re a bit skint, like most of us, you should read “How to Design a Garden on a Shoestring Budget”, and if you want a neat visual affect, follow that one up with “Green Walls: How to Grow a Garden Vertically”. Another tweet offers gardeners a handy tutorial, your very own “Greenhouse Guide” with “13 Incredibly Useful Tips” to get you going.


Urban Gardens

Source: hummingbird

Source: hummingbird


About: “A creative fusion of urban style, design, and nature. #design #gardening #urban #travel #architecture”.

Robin Plaskoff Horton maintains Urban Gardens, where she “shares [her] love affair with urban style, design, sustainable living, and travel”, and she’s been on Twitter since 2009. There are a lot of great posts here, and they’re not all strictly focused on the actual act of gardening. For instance, you can learn about the “5 Details You Don’t Want to Forget When Hosting an Outdoor Party” because “outdoor parties can be magical events perfect for celebrating the warmer weather and enjoying all that nature offers…” There are “Smart and Design-Worthy Tabletop Edible Gardens” which will teach you how to make decorative, and tasty, planters. It gives you “planters for the desktop, tabletop, or kitchen counter [and] includes some that are so smart they practically take care of themselves”.

Are you interested in getting your own floating, magical plant? Then you need to check out this recent tweet: “Spring is in the Air With this Levitating Planter Pot: Hovering via magnetic levitation above its oak base, the 12-sided geodesic Lyfe planter pot gently rotates suspended in mid-air, reflecting different shades of light as it softly floats…” Trust me, it is super cool! If you’re interested in hydroponics and sustainability, you should definitely read this post: “Food Producing Architecture: An Open Source Flat-Pack Urban Farm: Facing the challenges of producing food within the urban environment’s limited footprint, the IKEA innovation lab developed the Growroom, a DIY open source spherical urban farm one can build with a rubber hammer, 17 sheets of plywood, and a CNC milling machine”.

Urban Gardens promote environmental activism, as you’ll find in these tweets from a few weeks ago: “Voices needed. Speak out about #climatechange @space10_journal” and “Think about keeping our species alive and well? Get in the game: Follow @GameOfHumanity #humanhistory #history #humanity”. If you love plants, but you either don’t have a lot of time, or your thumb is more blue than green, then you’ll want to read about “The Easiest Indoor Plants and How to Care for Them”. You’ll learn that “using houseplants as an interior design element is literally a breath of fresh air” and you can read more about how “indoor plants offer numerous health benefits”. In addition to awesome articles, you’re also treated to a plethora of bright, colourful photos of all things gardening.


Garden Therapy

Source: Alvimann

Source: Alvimann


About: “DIY garden projects, recipes, and crafty goodness.”

Garden Therapy is based in Vancouver, Canada, and has been a big presence on Twitter since 2009. The page is run by Stephanie, and begins with her gardening motto: “I believe that anyone can feel immediate benefits from spending a short while outdoors, digging in the earth and connecting with all that gardening brings. Whether you are a seasoned gardener or a brand new sprout, there are ideas here to get your hands dirty and create something beautiful”. The Twitter page certainly embraces this idea of everyone should garden, and it has a lot of different gardening tutorials and examples so everyone should be able to find something they want.

You can “Tour the Fairy Houses at Disney and See How They are Made”: “Found materials like mushrooms, pine cones, and branches make little foraged fairy houses so realistic looking, you would think they’re made by fairies…” Or you can check out a retweet from Emily Murphy: “One of my faves. DIY cocktail herb garden w/scented geranium & more”. Another tweet teaches you about “10 Flower Trends That Are Going to Be Huge This Year”: “Say hello to ‘dusty rose’ flowers! Get ready to see these flowers, colors, and arrangement ideas at weddings, showers, and parties everywhere this year”. You’ll also find gardening recipes, like this one which “tastes just like rhubarb pie!”: “Rhubarb Sorbet Recipe: A simple recipe for turning garden-fresh rhubarb into a tart and sweet sorbet that tastes just like the pie!” Or you can find another recipe for Tuscan Kale with White Beans!

Planning a wedding this year? Well, you’ll want to check out the “30+ Sweet Handmade Ideas for Garden Wedding Favors”. And if you want a decorative wreath for your wedding, party, or just to brighten your home, you’ll want to read about how to “Make a Gorgeous Living Succulent Wreath to Hang or Use as a Table Centrepiece”. There’s a neat picture showing you how to make a lovely outdoors floral decoration bearing your initials: you make a large wooden letter with potting shelves inside, fill them with the flower bed of your choice, and when the flowers bloom, you’ll have a gorgeous, personalized, floral house ornament.