3 Awesome YouTube Party Planning Accounts

       By Brandy D. Anderson

Source: Pellinni

Huzzah, Summer is finally here! For many of us, that means getting out, enjoying the weather, and having people over for fun, sunny get-togethers. Planning parties and events can be a real headache, so it’s important to have good sources for all of your planning ideas and questions. These three YouTube accounts are full of awesome, budget friendly ways to make your parties come together!


Pennies Into Pearls

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84,141 Subscribers

About: “Hey Pearls! My name is Brittany and I am determined to help you live your dream life on less! Yes, it all starts with a budget (which I can totally help you with!) but from there, you can decide what to do with your money! I want to help you figure that out by teaching you the basics of personal finance and frugal living. On this channel I also share tips and ideas on how to save money any way possible! Vacations, eating out, date nights, family fun, dream homes. Pretty much anything that you dream of doing in life, I want to help you do it with the money you already have! MY BLOG: http://www.penniesintopearls.com PERISCOPE: https://periscope.tv/penniestopearls”

Brittany is the friendly and bubbly host of this diverse channel. Many different topics are covered here, and it’s a great place for anyone who’s trying to learn how to stretch dollars and make the most out of what’s available to them. One video is called “Frugal Living Questions” where Brittany begins by saying that a lot of money problems start by the way we think of money and how it’s being used rather than just the financial situation itself. She answers questions submitted by viewers and she talks about meal plans, scheduling, and time management.

Another great video is called “How to Throw an Unforgettable Party on a $50 Budget”. Brittany starts it out by saying, “Everybody loves a fun party” and “there’s always an occasion for a party”. She adds: “But you have to be careful. If you don’t pay attention, you can very quickly spend hundreds of dollars for only two hours of your life.” One of the best things about her videos is that she adds funny little scenes into them. For example, in this one, she pauses for a few hilarious asides, like when she suddenly freaks out over expense lists, and she adds to the humour with some wonderfully dramatic zoom action and music.

Here are some of the main tips that she gives for throwing $50 parties: make a party planning list where you estimate the cost of each idea, make a DIY food bar (baked potato, salad, build your own pizza, etc), cook and prepare the food being served at home, plain meals that don’t require much meat, have a potluck (if it’s not a birthday or anniversary party), accept offers for help, DIY your own cake or cupcakes, be careful when shopping for party supplies even at the Dollar Store (be sure to have a specific list with estimated costs), utilize what you already have at home, and throw your party outside when weather permits (you don’t need as many decorations and it’s more fun). This channel is an informative and entertaining place to be.


Miss Event Planner

Source: thelesleyshow

17,000 Subscribers

About: “My channel showcases Party/Event/Home DIYs, Inspiration, Reviews + Tutorials! I love to celebrate & entertain (as I’m a professional event planner in “real life”) so I have tons of inspiration for party DIYs + decor too! Empowering women to be entrepreneurs & start their own businesses is a passion of mine too & I’ve created a selection of vids + printables to help!”

Formally known as “The Makeover Mom”, Miss Event Planner has a plethora of videos on everything and anything party related. You can learn how to “Make a Balloon Garland with Strip II Organic Balloon Arch Decor”, how to make a “Unicorn Slime and Paint Party for Kids”, how to make a “Hula Hoop Balloon Wreath Under $5.00”, and how to make “Unicorn Party Favours” and “Baby Shower Party Favours Under $5.00” for treat bags. There are also lots of tutorials on planning baby showers, such one that details how to throw a nautical themed baby shower and another one that teaches you how to make a matching hula hoop wreath for the event.

Have you ever wanted to start your own event business? Well Miss Event Planner gives you the details on how you can do just that in her video “How to Start and Run Your Very Own Party Planning Business”. She says ensuring that you come up with a good Google search plan is essential because 95% of her business comes from Google searches. She started advertising through Craigslist, Yelp, and Google Business pages. It’s also important, she says, to make a business website that looks good and is very user friendly. On your website, you need to be sure to list prices, frequently asked questions, testimonials, and photos of events you have planned and enacted.

Since it’s the beginning of summer, you’ll definitely want to check out the “Summer Beach and Pool Party Decor Ideas”. Some of the ideas include: colourful balloons, bright napkins and plates, “$1 Beach Things”, “$1 Everything”, putting down shells for table accents, tying Hawaiian skirts around stools or using them as a backdrop, making a banner out of colourful star sticker sheets, and using dollar store toys as plate decorations (little lobsters, starfish, etc). Looking for a more adult party? There are many videos for more elegant themes, such as the “Rustic Beach Wedding” tutorial. This channel is really cute and often features adorable kids in the videos featuring kid themed parties.


How To Adult

Source: candyrosenbaum

282,000 Subscribers

About: “We’re an edutainment channel dedicated to teaching everything you need to know as an adult that school never taught you.”

As you can guess from the channel title, this one is full of tongue-in-cheek humour, but it’s also chock full of good advice and practical tutorials. Each video runs about six to ten minutes long, and for the most part, there are two hosts who cover each topic. Some videos are funnier than others, but most of them have a pretty light and easy tone, and they often end with little bloopers during the credits.

The subject matter here is pretty endless, honestly, so you can find things here that you probably didn’t even think of but you’ll find useful anyway. A few of the topics covered are: “How to Install Drivers”, “How to Take Care of Yourself When You’re Sick”, “How to Clean a Car’s Exterior”, “How to Seek Therapy”, “How to Unclog a Toilet”, “Communicating in a Romantic Relationship Featuring Stevie Bobei”, “How to Use Public Transportation”, “How to Journal”, “5 Things to Know When You Turn 18”, “Debt: A Primer on Borrowing Money”, “Debt: Paying It Back”, and “How to Winter Holiday on a Budget”.

There are some great videos here to help you plan an awesome party, including a nifty tutorial on “How to Tie a Necktie”: “A step-by-step guide to tying a tie, with varying degrees of fanciness”. Of course, the most important one you’ll want to watch is “How to Host a Party” where you’ll receive “completely unscientific but totally handy pro-tips”. The steps include: schedule the time for your party, decide who you want to invite and ask them what time works best for them (come up with a general consensus), let your neighbours know you’re having a party and will ensure you’ll keep it not too crazy (“Talking to cops always ruins parties”), clean your house if that’s where you’re hosting, plan what beverages you will serve, “BYOB does not stand for bring your own party”, be sure to have enough food, make sure the party is ready to start on time, play upbeat music on “a device you don’t have to fiddle with”, “give your guests something to do” when they arrive, and don’t freak out over any potential disasters. More useful videos for planning a party are “How to [Use a] Slow Cooker” and “6 Tips on Remembering to Do Things”. This is one of the most useful channels I’ve found in a long time.