The 3 Best DIY Twitter Accts To Get You Going!

       by Brandy D. Anderson

Source: quicksandala

Source: quicksandala

I think it’s safe to say that we all want to be self-sufficient. The good thing is that learning various do-it-yourself tricks is not only fun, but it’s extremely useful as well. Twitter is a wonderful place to get your DIY info and instructions because it allows users to learn things through quick steps and short videos. I’ve found three really neat DIY accounts, and each one is drastically different from the other.


DIY Hacks

Source: Mrooczek262

Source: Mrooczek262


About: “Bringing you simple DIY tricks, crafts and life hacks to help with everyday life | We do not claim the rights to the pictures. ”

Wow. Let me begin this section by saying you absolutely need to follow this account. They are amazing. You can pretty much find anything you can think of, and you are also sure to find a thousand utilitarian things you didn’t even think of. The best thing about DIY Hacks is the way they do their posts: they make short videos for everything so you can see exactly what they’re doing step-by-step, and they add textual explanations along the way. They really have the most handy and efficient DIY page I’ve ever seen.

For instance, their pinned tweet shows you “17 life hacks that make life way easier!” The hacks in the video include: how to perfectly suck out the egg yolks with a plastic bottle, how to easily peel a carrot with a Brillo pad, how to use a toothpick to squeeze out lemon juice, how to make a home-made ice tray with an old chocolate box, how to easily open a jar lid that won’t budge with a butter knife (FYI a spoon works, too), how to sharpen a knife on the bottom of a coffee mug, and how to make home-made salt and pepper shakers with empty Tic-Tac boxes. These are only a few of the hacks found in this one video.

Another video shows you “cool ways to tie shoelaces”. You can check out the video entitled “These 11 food hacks are gonna make life so easy”. In this one, you’ll learn that if you put a slice of bread into a jar of hard cookies, it will turn the cookies soft in a day. If you have hard bread, douse it with water, bake it at 350 for 8 minutes and it will become soft again. You can use a spoon to peel a ginger root. If you use your palm to squeeze a garlic clove, then put in into a closed Tupperware container and shake, the little garlic cloves will all peel away on their own. Another DIY hack shows you how to turn a plain paper cup into a really neat little gift box, all you need is scissors. This account also posts occasional cute bunny or kitten videos, or similar feel-good things. They post new content constantly.


Home Center DIY

Source: Erean

Source: Erean


About: “Premium items for outdoor spaces: deck balusters, railings, screws, fasteners and furniture, outdoor lighting, water features, ponds products + for DIY and Pros “

The DIY Home Center has been “hard at work since 2004 sourcing the right items for every level of expertise and offering exceptional and personalized service for every order”. Their extensive website also says they are here “to help with any job, big or small”; “from helping Pro Builders find the right products for every job to helping handy homeowners tackle the projects that truly make a house feel like a home, DIY Home Center is dedicated to the art of home renovation”.

Their pinned tweet is a really neat tutorial video: “New @Tex_Company RainEscape video up on YouTube! Learn how to create a dry space under your deck using a Tex RainEscape Deck Drainage System.” The video link brings you to their very own DIY Home Center YouTube page. Using both live person and computer graphic imagery, these videos do a good job of illustrating how to make each project. The host in the video also gives useful information about whether or not the project being covered is able to be done as a solo project or if you would need to get someone to help you.

You’ll also find a lot of ‘after’ photos of DIY projects posted on this account. One recent post comes from TrexCompany and it features a peaceful shot of a beautiful fenced deck, with blue skies in the background, whilst a hat and rug rest on a steel bench. Another image from them says, “Daylight, do your thing. #summersolstice #summer #trexdecking #outdoorliving” and this one features an inviting image of a cool, blue pool, and two comfy pool chairs, with a nice, sleek deck bordering the water. There are blog posts about new products being promoted by DIY Home Center, as well as informational blogs. One recent blog is called “5 Things You Should Know About the New Typar Butyl Flashing” and there’s a link at the bottom of the tweet. You’ll find a lot of different things on this account, and it’s definitely worth following if you’re a DIYer. They post a bit sporadically, but there’s never more than a week or so that goes by without at least one post – and sometimes they’ll share several things in one day.


DIY Girls

Source: TwoCherryFarm

Source: TwoCherryFarm


About: “Creating opportunities for girls to explore STEM. #inthistogether”.

DIY Girls is a great organization devoted to promoting the acceptance of girls and women into the male-dominated field of technology. They have a website where you can find information on their programs, clubs, sponsors, shop, and their team. They say their mission “is to increase girls’ interest and success in technology, engineering and making through innovative education experiences and mentor relationships”. They go on to say that they utilize “a three-pronged program approach that integrates engagement, capacity building, and continuity to ensure girls’ success”. They do this through after-school and summer programs focused on STEM.

The current pinned tweet is a repost from CicLAvia: “Earlier this month, as part of our CicLAvia Gives program we arranged for the amazing @DIYGirls to link up with our friends at @LACIncubator for a day of learning. Look out for our video recap of this amazing experience!” The follow-up tweet goes on to explain about the program: “LACI recently hosted @DIYGirls on a campus field trip, part of the @CicLAvia Gives program. The middle schoolers learned about #entrepreneurship, biomechanical #engineering, sustainable living, how #prototypes are made and the importance of community engagement. #WICTW #STEM”.

This account is great to keep up with the various programs and work DIY Girls is doing, and it’s also a good place for DIY ideas, too, particularly for young people. One recent post chronicles a special DIY project members engaged in: “Last Friday our girls presented their wooden planters to their parents at our Summer Woodworking Camp showcase! A special thanks to DIY Girls Founder @AsmLuzRivas for providing inspirational remarks and presenting certificates to our girls!” There are some neat photos of the participants and of the projects they made. One of the projects shown is a cool garden box made out of wood and then decorated. Another tweet provides links to grants for schools, so parents can notify the school, and sometimes apply themselves, and the grant provides funding for schools to enact more DIY tech initiatives into classrooms. DIY Girls posts a handful times a week.