The 3 Best Woodworking FB Pages You’ll Find

       by Brandy D. Anderson

Source: lauramsikanski

One of the many things this year has brought, is a lot of time at home – a lot of time. And when you have that much time at home, it can make you reassess your home, and think about the different ways you can improve it. It can also make you want to learn new skills, and what better way to combine these two things than to learn how to do some woodworking? There is quite a woodworking community on Facebook, so I’ve found the three best pages for you to check out!


Woodworking Ideas

Source: tajione


About: “Woodworking ideas, photos and videos that will inspire you. Woodworking is the activity or skill of making items from wood, and includes wood carving, joinery, and carpentry.”

This popular page has a plethora of projects, and the admin and the followers are very active, which makes for a lot of constant discussion. A lot of fun photos are shared, including a recent one showing a perfect little hideaway for summer: picture a backyard that features an A-frame, open-air wooden “house”, that has an entire open wall rather than a door, with a cozy chair inside, and the slope of the roof is covered with grass. The caption reads, “That might be a great spot when it’s just really hot outside”.

If you scroll down just a bit, you’ll see an amazing wooden structure, about the size of a shed or small kids’ clubhouse, that is a perfect whimsical replica of a large tree trunk with a window and a porch. This page shares so many neat links to different projects, including an adorable photo of dogs on a lovely bed, with specially made places just for them; the link caption reads, “This Company Makes Custom Wooden Bed Frames with Built-in Pet Beds”. Woodworking Ideas added the following commentary: “Country Creations Pine Furniture of Clintonville, Pennsylvania have designed and built a king-sized bed that is not just fit for you, but also fit for your dog, or cat, or ferret, or any other animal companion(s) that’s roaming freely around in your home and wants to stay close to you while you sleep <3”.

There are cool art pieces shared here, like one that was recently shared by Michael Cheshire on the Woodenart page called “Symmetrical Chaos”. This piece is large and very ornate, and it features different pieces of wood, all intricately placed together. The wood types are Red Cedar, Hoop Pine Burl, Queensland Walnut, Queensland Maple, Orange Rosewood, Silky Oak, Jarrah, Golden Rosewood, Gidgee, Oregon, Pacific Rainbow, Blue Gum, Camphor Laurel, Ironbark, Honey Wattle, Victorian Ash, New Guinea Walnut, Matchstick, Turpentine, Silver Ash, Dilenia, Blackbean, Blush Alder, Hoop Pine, Alaskan, Jarrah Burl, and Yellow Bean. There are also smaller projects shown that would be suitable for beginners like one that features a corner kitchen cutting board that can be fitted right on to the kitchen counter.


Woodworking Enthusiasts

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About: “ provides you with loads of woodworking projects, tips and tricks and many woodworking plans.”

Woodworking Enthusiasts is probably the most popular woodworking page on Facebook. You can really find everything and anything here. There are all kinds of tutorials, examples of various finished pieces, and lovely photos of amazing woodwork, including lots of wooden cabins built by hand. One recent tutorial is a YouTube video from BuildersSA that teaches you “How to Make Floating Hexagon Shelves”: “Add a stylish touch to your home decor with these DIY floating hexagons.”

Another tutorial comes from their website, Wonderful, called, “Giving Old Stair Treads a New Look”: “Giving old stair treads a new look is much cheaper than replacing the entire stairs. This is a project you could do yourself with a few basic tools and a bit of woodworking experience. I will admit it does require patience and some woodworking experience. Most of the material you will need to retread your old steps can be purchased at most lumber outlets such as Home Depot.” The tutorial is a mix of text, photos, and video.

One of my favourite things about this page is the super cool architecture that is shared. A recent photo shows an elegant wood and stone home complete with high vaulted ceilings and visible wooden tresses and beams. There’s an iron electric chandelier above a cozy sitting area, with a stone fireplace roaring behind it. Now that’s a house I could live in! These posts are extra fun for the lively comment sections where fans talk about the home and what they like or don’t like about it. Another photo features a much smaller and more modest home, all wood and obviously made by hand. It’s a small remote cabin in the forest with the question: “How long would you live here?”


Woodwork Projects

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About: “Sign up for a 100% FREE Gift of Weekly Woodworking Plans & DIY Books direct to your mailbox. This is a truly Global Platform for anybody to share their Woodwork Projects and Creations with the World. Receive comments on your work & allow the world to LIKE your creations. Admire other peoples DIY creations and give advice to the less experienced woodworker or give the advice. Its Non Profit and globally open for anyone to post Photos or Videos. Many public posts will be daily pinned onto the Page News feed and main post area for maximum visibility. Share the love of all things woodwork by LIKING and SHARING this community page. Then start sharing your woodwork media with the world!!! Feel free to send us photos or videos. Any sent to us may be reposted on the Woodwork Projects Facebook wall with a link to our website in the text.”

Well, I’ll tell you, I was hooked on this page from the start because one of the first photos I saw was one of the most magical tree houses in the world: the wooden structure looks exactly like a fantasy princess tower, and you have to see it to believe it. Many of the projects shared link to , and I think this webpage is run by the admin of the FB page, although I couldn’t find confirmation of that. Nonetheless, the website has a ton of tutorials that match  the projects shared on FB. The webpage says, “Every project displayed on this site is built from one of Ted’s wood project plans & videos. It also states that  “Every Wednesday, the site is updated with the weekly project submissions from YOU, the DIY woodworkers! If you have built any woodwork project from any of Ted’s Plans, then take some photos, make a video, and send it to u,s and we will exhibit YOUR woodwork creation on our page”.

You’ll discover really neat DIY ideas to incorporate into the home, like a photo that shows protruding ceiling beams, and the homeowner added simple metal wire shelves along the bottom, then put rectangular plastic storage bins fitted neatly between each beam. Another example shows a practical way to hang up plastic cylinder DVD containers upside down on the bottom of a cabinet with a hole drilled through the container bottom, and then you can put wire, string, or yarn in, feed the end through the bottom and make yourself a handy dispenser. There are examples of homemade game boards. There’s an amusing photo of two large pieces of wood being used to prop up an outdoors bathtub amidst the snow in the middle of Winter, a crackling fire is underneath to heat up the water, a man lounges in the tub, bare-feet sticking out and a Winter hat on his head. There are a few funny comments below the image, too. There’s a tutorial on how to make a neat little “tree” house at the side of a backyard swing-set. Really, this is a great place to find projects.