Top 4 FB Wedding Pages To Nix Planning Jitters

       by Brandy D. Anderson

Source:  JonLuty

Source: JonLuty

Planning a wedding can become such an overwhelming ordeal that any bride or groom may start to question whether all of the pomp and circumstance is really worth it. It’s important to stay calm and to not allow the never ending choices to skyrocket your blood pressure. A helpful tip when entering the early planning stages is to look for inspiration and ideas to help you narrow down the vision of what you want your special day to look like. Here are four Facebook sites which are sure to give you some wonderful inspiration and jumping off points in order to kick start those important WD plans!


Wedding Concepts

Source: kylejones007

Source: kylejones007


About: “South Africa’s premium Wedding Planning and Management Business, Wedding Concepts, handcrafts weddings of distinction for discerning clients both locally and from across the globe.”

Based out of Cape Town, South Africa, Wedding Concepts is one of the best places to start when looking for ideas. Full of colourful photos and creative scenarios, this page is updated frequently and features an endless supply of links to everything and anything involving wedding preparations. One of the recent posts is about their collaboration “with the Italian ‘dream team’” which is comprised of fellow wedding planner Tuscan Dream‘s Carolina Casini, Tommaso Torrini from the event planning service of La Rosa Canina FIRENZE, and photographers Lisa Poggi, and Gianluca Gasperoni all to “create [a] unique ‘Tuscany meets South Africa’ styled shoot!” The photos are absolutely gorgeous. The page also features photo shoots and preparation videos from many of the lush weddings they’ve hosted over the years. On the left of the page, you can read through reviews left by customers, most of them which rave about the company, and some of which include even more fun links to other wedding sites to check out. One of the sweet things about Wedding Concepts is that they celebrate the anniversaries of their former clients, with a nice message accompanied by a few of each couple’s wedding photos. They also have an easy to navigate website where you can spend hours pouring over floral whatsahoosits and wedding everythings right here.


Colin Cowie Weddings

Source: GaborfromHungary

Source: GaborfromHungary


About: “ offers ideas for every moment of your celebration and indispensable advice straight from the expert himself, Colin Cowie. We also have digital planning tools to help you stay organized and plan your wedding privately with your friends.”

It’s basically impossible to resist Colin Cowie’s enthusiasm and friendly persona. I remember him from way back when he had that fun show on VH1 with affordable tips on how to throw awesome dinner parties with your friends. He’s definitely retained that personable and crafty style and he provides a plethora of awesome tips when it comes to planning your upcoming nuptials. He has really cool décor ideas, like decorating a barn door in order to provide a quirky and beautiful backdrop for wedding photos. There’s instructions for how to make an original, and really lovely, “naked” wedding cake (a tiered cake sans frosting with a simple topping). You’ll also find loads of different ideas for bridal bouquets, wedding cakes and cupcakes (including a ‘metallic’ cake!), inspiration for ceremony rituals, and more taffeta, silk, and lace wedding dresses than you can probably stand. You can also view his outside web page here.


Team Wedding – Home of Top Wedding Sites

Source: badlong

Source: badlong


About: “Wedding directory of the top wedding sites ranked by brides. 12 years online. FREE listings for vendors. Founded in 2000.”

This is one of the best all encompassing wedding pages I’ve ever found. The variety of the posts and subject matter make this page one you’ll really want to not only “like”, but also tick the box to receive notifications as well so you don’t miss the coverage. It gives you tips about wedding make-up, floral arrangements, bouquet ideas, and inspiration for different types of rehearsal dinners. You’ll also find fun posts like “Unusual Weddings, Unique Settings”, “5 Offbeat, Fun & Unique Honeymoon Ideas”, and practical wedding advice like “Who’ll Walk Me Down the Aisle”. There are links to articles that will give you a step-by-step rundown of the order of events for typical wedding receptions, and another article full of neat ideas bearing the caption “Save Money By Giving Flower Seeds As Wedding Favors”. Celtic weddings, finding the perfect wedding rings, and locations weddings are just a few more of the recent articles covered. Team Wedding is a page well worth visiting, and bookmarking, for all engaged couples who are looking for inspiration. You can visit their main home page here.


Modern Wedding

Source: jamierodriguez37

Source: jamierodriguez37


About: “Modern Wedding is your wedding planner – organise your budget, invitations, flowers, guests, seating plan, wedding playlist, check your wedding countdown, talk to other brides and more…”

Hailing from the capital of Australia, Modern Wedding planted its initial roots as Sydney Wedding, and it’s been “the planning bible” since 1990. Modern Wedding, which sprung up in 1998, is one of the top wedding planners in the world, earning the company the bragging rights of being the “definitive number one for bridal fashion”. The Facebook page is quirky and full of fun ideas and photos. One of the latest posts shows a bride wearing a lovely and modern pink wedding frock complete with tags #rocknroll #bride #modernwedding #tattoo and #pink. There are loads of cakes to salivate over, of pretty much any colour, size, flavour, and style you could imagine. Unique bridal photos, floral arrangements, and ideas for wedding party outfits fill the page. The Modern Wedding FB site is updated nonstop, and the posts are full of unique and creative ideas. For instance, one of the coolest recent posts features a delicate set of lace wedding gloves. There are also a ton of links to sales and discounts to help ease the financial strains caused by nuptial planning. This is definitely a page soon-to-be brides and grooms need to check, and often. They also maintain a web page here.