Top 3 Travel Facebook Pages

       by Brandy D. Anderson

Source: 5demay

Source: 5demay

The heat is cranking up, Summer is fast approaching, and for a lot of us, that means travel! Although we may have some idea of where we want to go, we can all use some extra tips to help us plan the perfect trip! These Facebook pages are some of the best spots to get that travel know-how!


Travel + Leisure

Source: bluecot

Source: bluecot


About: “Follow Travel + Leisure on Facebook for travel inspiration and information on the best destinations and properties to visit around the world. Each post includes links to travel guides with insider travel tips on top hotels, restaurants, the latest in tech or gadgets, and things to do around the world. Find great ideas on where to stay, the best restaurants to eat at, the hottest shopping destinations, and smart travel tips. ”

This Facebook page is managed by the folks at Travel + All of their posts are categorized into seventeen different categories, including “Travel Tips”, “Flight Deals”, “Travel News”, “Attractions”, “Food + Drink”, “Cruises”, “Romantic Travel”, “World’s Best Awards”, Trip Ideas”, “Travel Guides”, and “Travel Videos”. For instance, in the video category, you can watch beautiful footage showing you how in “Just two hours outside downtown Guadalajara, you’ll find a genuine Mexican experience like no other.”. For travel news, you can read athlete Aly Raisman’s account about how she said “she was body shamed by a TSA agent: The Olympian said the male agent told her ‘I don’t see any muscles’”.

There are useful news reports from around the world that give you crucial information that could affect any immediate travel. For instance, a recent post leads you to this article: “Biggest Mudslide in California History Buries Part of the Pacific Coast Highway in Big Sur: Officials said that the mudslide is ‘unprecedented’. A landslide of more than 1 million tons of brick and dirt buried part of California’s Pacific Coast Highway over the weekend”. There are other kinds of travel tips as well, such as this article: “15 Thoughts You Have Before You Go On Vacation: Why is getting ready to go on vacation so stressful? Raise your hand if you’ve had these thoughts!”

“Heading to the beach this weekend? Bring along one of these books,” begins another post before it goes on to advise, “Sit back, lather on some SPF, and check out the titles you won’t want to miss this summer: The Best Books to Read on Vacation”. Perhaps you need a little positive reinforcement in order to convince yourself to take that long-awaited holiday. If so, you should definitely read this article: “Take a Vacation – It’s Good for Your Health: If you want to be healthier, take more vacations and live near a large park, according to two separate studies. Vacations are linked to decreased risks of heart attack and depression and even promote brain health…” In another post, there is a stunning video showing you the moment when “A Volcano Erupts During a Solar Storm in Iceland” by filmmaker Henry Jun Wah Lee.


Travel Pulse

Source: bluecot

Source: bluecot


About: “, part of the travAlliancemedia network of products, is the leading resource for the latest travel news, offers, and videos. Since 2002, has been delivering industry news, dynamic video content and important supplier and destination information that have allowed hundreds of thousands of travel agents to succeed. Now, with dedicated consumer content, TravelPulse is once again revolutionizing the way that travel content is consumed.”

Although the official Travel Pulse webpage is a little hard on the eyes (it’s filled with adverts which flank both sides, and is set up more like an ad-heavy news site than a travel publication), its Facebook page is clean, easy to read, and very enjoyable. There is a lot of white space to give your eyes a break, so it’s definitely worth sticking to their FB page over their actual website. The FB cover photo is inviting with its three side-by-side photos: on the left, you’ll find a vast, moody ocean with a far-off lighthouse beckoning you to shore, in the middle, you’re coaxed to stroll down a twilight-lit street lined with historic buildings, and the final image features a warm bundle of old, leather bound books tied with soft brown string crossing the top.

You’ll find some wonderful travel tips, like this one: “While on a trip to Yellowstone National Park, set aside some time to see these neighouring attractions: Willie’s Distillery, Inc, Backroad to Yellowstone, Virginia City, Montana”; these are all in the article called, “Perfect Montana Side Trips When Visiting Yellowstone”. You can learn how “the towns and regions around Yellowstone National Park often have as much to see and do as the park itself”. Another insider note begins by announcing that “Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants is officially in Europe for the first time! The boutique chain begins its expansion across the continent in Amsterdam”.

You’ll discover the joys of taking a cruise vacation from a “consummate Love Boat fan [who] takes his first cruise from L.A.’s World Cruise Center where the series was filmed”. There are also travel news stories. One such story begins with this question: “Is this little-known Asiana Airlines policy right or wrong?” and it’s followed with a report about how a “Passenger With Prosthetic Was Told to Give Up His Seat: Despite paying for the extra leg room, an Asiana passenger was told to move [from the exit row].” The comment section is full of lively debate on the issue. If you’re looking for travel ideas, you can find them here in abundance. A recent article reminds travellers that “Water and air aren’t the only ways to experience Alaska. Consider a road trip along these scenic routes!” There are also reports letting you know some of the busiest travel times for tops spots (for example, you’ll find out that Universal Studios is always packed on Memorial Day weekend).


Travel Channel

Source: HuckFinn

Source: HuckFinn


About: “Travel Channel is a dedicated and trusted window on the world, bringing knowledge, insight and information to a community of people who want to experience their world and satisfy their curiosity.”

The Travel Channel has been around since 1987. Although you can find a lot of articles on its sleek website (along with their tv schedule), you can find a much higher level of engagement on their Facebook page. They post often, and the content isn’t all centered on their programming. Instead, their FB page serves as a nice travel blog, giving travellers a plethora of ideas and tips for their holiday planning.

You’ll find a lot of mini-videos on this page, like a recent one showcasing a 200 foot tall Ferris wheel: “The Great Smoky Mountains has a little something for everyone [sic]”. Another video shows popular eating spots around Memphis, Tennessee. In a different post, you’ll find a video which warns you to “Hang on tight. This crazy swing is either a thrill-seeker’s dream or your worst nightmare” and it features a “Freefall 100 MPH into a canyon on the Terror Dactyl” at Cave of the Winds Mountain Park in Manitou Springs, Colorado. In another clip, you’re invited to “Take a tour of the Maui Tropical Plantation in Hawaii!”

Have you wondered whether you could “handle the world’s fastest wooden roller coaster?” You can watch a video of people riding the Lightning Rod in Dollywood Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, where “their faces say it all”. The video is really entertaining: a man and a woman head the front of the train, the woman happily screams “Woo woo woo!” throughout the ride, but the man is rather taken aback, and you can hear him repeatedly yell, “Oh my god! Oh my god!” over and over, his voice raised by more than a few octaves. His little gesture at the end is hilarious – and understandable! While this page does post a lot of videos, they also share articles too. Some of them can be a bit cheeky, like this recent post beginning with the words, “No suit required”: “World’s Best Nude Beaches”. “It’s hard work, but someone has to compile a list of the world’s best nude beaches, right?! Check out Travel Channel’s comprehensive list of the best places to bare it all”.