You Need These 3 Life-Affirming Tumblrs

       by Brandy D. Anderson

Life is often stressful, and this is particularly true as we enter autumn and begin the holiday rush. With so many of us glued to social media, it’s a great idea to flavour your daily mix with some positivity. Now is the opportune time to add these three peppy and feel-good tumblr pages to your favourites. They’re sure to make you smile as they inject some soothing reflection into your daily grind.


Heal Your Skeletor

Source: taliesin

“Skeletor is Experiencing the Profound Emptiness and Isolation of Human Existence. Follow His Journey to Positive Mental Health Through Daily Affirmations”: That’s the opening statement for this wonderfully wacky account. This page is dedicated to the antagonist of the eighties’ He-Man cartoon, Skeletor. Each post takes a screen shot from the original cartoon and then adds quotes from Louise L. Hay, an author of self-help books. The creator of this account, ghoulnextdoor, has a recent post that is definitely worth reading. She talks about her journey with this page, the ups and downs behind the creation and maintenance of this long-running tumblr, and it’s all pretty compelling. About its conception, she remarked, “When I mused that there would be other weirdos who would appreciate my silly contribution to the internet, I truly had no idea just how prescient a thought that turned out to be.”

I love her detailed description of the birth of the page: “When I first glimpsed Frank Langella as Skeletor, I couldn’t help but think he was a real bummer. He just seemed so profoundly mopey and bitter, and I’m sure I blanched, visibly, wondering if I, too, appeared that way to other people in my current state. I found myself musing ….what if Skeletor had gotten more positive reinforcement and encouragement, or maybe just more hugs and love? Would he have chosen a different path, perhaps become a more compassionate, well-balanced sort of guy? I thought perhaps someone should have let him borrow a book of affirmations, and intervention of sorts, a “hey man, read some Kahlil Gibran and get your head on straight” conversation. ”

Let’s get to some examples of the funny and feel-good memes you’ll find here. One is a an image of a triumphant Skeletor with the text, “I am love. I am energy. I am a shining light!” Another picture shows a creepily smiling Skeletor, with stars and sparkles around him (from a spell?) and the caption, “I give myself permission to be fabulous”. You can see Skeletor with his arms out, nails extended, and it says, “Today is a good day for hugs.” Skeletor crushes rock with one hand, his skull staff in another, and it reads, “Today I crush all negativity”. You’ll see a picture of Skeletor with his gang of baddies, and it says, “Today, I am grateful for my support group.” Perhaps my favourite, though, is good ol’ Skeletor with his hands on He-Man’s shoulders, and the caption reads, “Today I share sound opinions and give solid advice.”


Try To Stay Positive

Right from the start, this tumblr page will make you feel serene with its pleasant peach backdrop and peaceful imagery. The subtitle for the account reads, “So before I save someone else, I’ve got to save myself.” The ‘about’ section entices readers with this greeting: “Let me show you the wonderful things in life. The little things. The ones that matter most. Love. Hope. Positivity. Patient. [sic] And all the stuff in between. I like the queue – bear with me.” The most recent photo shows a majestic mountain, the brilliant sun radiates from the top, casting the lush green landscapes in golden hues. The astute caption reads, “This blog will make you feel at peace.”

A gorgeous trail, lined with tall pine trees, various shades of emerald, and snow capped mountains, beckons you with the added caption, “Someone, take me for a walk.” A little further on, you’ll find a calming photo of a bicycle with an old-fashioned straw basket between the handlebars, and in the basket there are a dozen pink English roses happily spilling over. Yet another: “Life isn’t as serious as the mind makes it out to be. – Eckhart Tolle”. This caption accompanies a quirky photo of a powder blue VW bug parked in front of a cluster of palm trees, one tree is right in the middle, with the car positioned in such a way that it appears the tree has sprouted straight up from the driver’s seat.

There’s even a gif of Winona Ryder from the original modern mean-girl movie, Heathers: “If you were happy every day of your life, you wouldn’t be a human being. You’d be a game-show host.” Another post bears a quote from Kristin Hannah, “Maybe time didn’t heal wounds exactly, but it gave you a kind of armor, or a new perspective. A way to remember with a smile instead of a sob.” “These mountains that you are carrying you were only supposed to climb – Najwa Zebian” is the wise quote featured in another post. “Be good – do good” adorns another picture, with the added caption, “ ‘I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better. – Maya Angelou”. This account is being updated on a regular basis, usually daily, so this is a great spot to get your morning dose of positivity.


Something Life Affirming

This page begins with this ‘about’ blurb: “Because you deserve something more life affirming like a tree, or a flower, or a patch of grass, or a singing little bluebird” –Ann Magnuson. So here’s something life affirming, with your friends Choire and Philo. Something Life Affirming is a fun page, filled with uplifting videos, photos, and quotes, and this account certainly lives up to its name. It’s run by Choire and Philo, and in the ‘about’ section you can click on links to their own personal pages, which are also awesome.

One of the first videos you’ll see is of an adorable little girl dancing and hula hooping to upbeat music. A little further down, there’s a photo of two handwritten ribbons laid in grass, each with a personal message scrawled across. There’s a video of kids running a race, with one particularly resilient kid totally stealing the show (‘Eye of the Tiger’ is playing in the background, heck yes). Brightly coloured balloons fill another frame as they rise up towards the fluffy clouds, with the blue sky acting as the perfect ceiling. There are a ton of posts here to make you smile. However, it appears that this page isn’t being updated anymore, so if you want content beyond this account, look to the pages of Choire and Philo.

Choire’s page is The Awl, and it is a breath of fresh air. One of its posts begins with this: “The Awl was born of the following thoughts: What if there were a website with a wealth of resonant, weird, important, frightening and amusing bits of news and ideas? […] We believed that there was an audience of intelligent readers who were poorly served by being delivered those same stories in numbing repetition to the detriment of their reading diet. We believed that there was no topic unworthy of scrutiny, so long as it was approached from an intelligent angle. We believed that there was no such thing as too long or too short for the Internet, that stories should use as many words as they needed to be to say what they had to say, and no more. We believed we could make a place where these organizing principles would find a community that felt the same way.”

Philo’s page is called Hooping’s ‘about’ section tells you that: “ has been the online hub for the worldwide hooping community since 2003, a one-stop resource for all things revolving around hooping, the hula hoop, hoop dance, hoop fitness, circus hooping and more. We’ve been spinning the web for more than a decade which in internet years is basically forever. Long before there was Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or even MySpace, there was […] Their goal – to spread the joy of hooping around the globe and build a worldwide hooping community.”