Tumblr’s 5 Flashiest Gif Blogs

       by Brandy Del Anderson

Source: ArielleJay

Source: ArielleJay

Starting in 1987, computer users have been entertained by short animated computer graphics, or gifs [graphic interchange format] for short (looks like “gif” as in “gift”, but it’s actually “jiff”, pronounced with a soft g, as in “giraffe”). Over the last few years, gifs have only become more and more popular. You see them all over the place now, but the best place to find the biggest variety online is certainly on Tumblr. Here are the 5 best Tumblr blogs to find gifs galore:


1. Mr. Gif

“Original hand made GIFs from scratch. est 2011. ‘The New York-based artist collective known as Mr. GIF is comprised of Jimmy Repeat and Mark Portillo.  Since April 2011, the duo has been at the forefront of the resurgence of the GIF, or graphics interchange format. Their quirky, topical, and downright beautiful animations have helped the college friends land GIF gigs with Forbes, XXL Magazine with Rick Ross, designer Mark Ecko, Vice Magazine, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, MTV, and chef Anthony Bourdain. Their work is an eclectic and electric mix of hand-drawn art, photographs and 8-bit compositions.’ – Fernando Alfonso, III, Daily Dot.”

As you read in their informational blurb, Mr. Gif is well known and quite beloved, and for good reason, too. These artists make some weird and wacky stuff, all of their gifs are original creations, and their collection is beyond diverse. On their tumblr page, you’ll find anything from flashy animations, to modified photographs, to vintage shaking toys, to seasonal treats (they just recently offered a number of spooky gifs for Halloween). The point is, you never know what to expect from this page, and that’s what makes this blog so exciting. They also maintain pages on both Twitter and Facebook.


2. What Should We Call Me

“We are two best friends who met in college and now live on opposite coasts. We used to send each other funny gifs as a way of staying in touch, and decided to start a tumblr that both of us could check during the day. We thought we were just posting inside jokes, but are thrilled that other people find them as funny as we do. We never really intended for anyone else to see it.”

This blog is hilarious, and is sure to make you at least crack a smile, even if it doesn’t literally make you laugh out loud. Comprised of the popular “When ___ happens, ____” type of gifs, this blog covers pretty much every situation you can think of, and probably many other topics you’ve never even thought of before. For instance, their latest post bears this headline: “When little kids have nicer technology than I do” with the following two gifs comedically cut together: one is of a precocious kid holding a smart phone, saying, “I just got the new Amazon Fire Phone”, then we see an irate Woody Harrelson saying, “I have never hit a kid before…”, then back to the kid, “Been on this earth for nine years, and I’ve never seen anything like it”, then Woody quips, “But I swear to God, I will start with you.” It’s pretty hilarious, you have to see it. Another one: “When I See That My Ex Has Gained A Lot of Weight” with a gif of the classic laughing Joker below.


3. GIF Movie: All Manner of Worst Case Scenarios

“Hi my name is Valentin, I’m a Belgrade based designer & I make awesome GIFs. I post flashing GIFs so don’t follow if you have a seizure disorder. “

He means it – this high frequency page is full of so many bright flashing gifs that it’s difficult to sustain viewing without taking numerous eye-breaks, even if you don’t suffer from epilepsy. However, there are some really cool things here, and the page is well organized with categories and search boxes neatly lined up along the left side of the blog. There are gifs from music videos, dramas, fantasy movies, so-called “trash” movies, vintage/classic films and cartoons, action flicks, sci-fi, horror, documentaries, psychedelic films, art performances… you’ll really find an eclectic arrangement of whathaveyous on this blog.


4. Forever Anime Gifs

“Well, I’m Jen. Some of my favorite distractions from classes include: Doctor Who, Skins UK, How I Met Your Mother, Merlin, Sherlock, Harry Potter, Woody Allen films, Misfits, John Hughes’ movies, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Arrested Development, Gossip Girl, Jane Austen, Disney & Pixar, Hayao Miyazaki, and much more.”

Boy, this is the jackpot for any of you anime fans! This is another flash heavy blog, and it is absolutely beautiful to look through. Not only will you find gorgeous gifs, but you’ll also be impressed with its sleek black background, and its electric blue tags which only become visible when your mouse hovers over the right side of each post. ‘Akira’, ‘FLCL’, ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’ are only a few of the many different anime gifs you’ll find here. This blog is maintained by ‘Jen’, and she also runs another blog on tumblr which has a broader focus on a wide variety of movies and tv shows.


5. Lacey Micallef

“All designs and animations by Lacey Micallef. For questions about commissions or work, please email me at williamhlacey@gmail.com”

Micallef’s tumblr page is filled with playful, colourful, designs. One of her favourite new features is “Space Dog”, an animated character from an iPhone game she’s currently making, and you can find a plethora of adorable Space Dog gifs, including Space Dog walking amongst the stars (he’s complete with his adorable space helmet), and a snazzy logo which celebrates the celestial canine. However, Micallef’s gif art is certainly not limited to the sweet little pooch. She also makes a lot of shape animations, cartoons (one of the latest features a Daria look-a-like, Garfield, and two dogs), and a whole heap of other neat animations.