Twitter’s Definite Must-Have Gift Accounts

       by Brandy D. Anderson

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With the holiday season just around the corner, many of us are scrambling to find those perfect gifts for our loved ones. Way too often we’ve seen just what happens when you either wait until the last minute, or you stick to giving tired old cliched gifts: your loved one smiles, a little thinly, mumbles a ‘thank you’, is very polite about it all but you know, you just know that you really missed the mark and didn’t give them anything useful or particularly special. Well, don’t worry about that happening again this year because I’ve discovered a few really useful Twitter tags to follow that will are chock-full of amazing and innovate gift ideas!



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With the tag of “#bestgift” you’ll find all sorts of ideas ranging from ready-made products, to kits for learning how to make your very own homegrown produce, to precious presents that don’t cost a thing to gift other than time and creativity. You’ll find cool photos, too, like one by Anna Klees showing two little iridescent patina R2D2 collectibles: “We did product photography for Xmas for a few companies, this one is in a gift section :)”.

Rand Diab, MD shares this wonderful, free gift idea: “Hubs took kids to school, giving me 45 EXTRA MINUTES to myself this morning. #bliss. Got ready slowly, replied to @birthday messages. Did 45 push-ups and 45 squats. #bestgift #mybday #FridayFeeling”. Another outside-of-the-box, but still kinda inside-the-box idea comes from Mark Mantra: “#bestgift Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 Indoor Gardening Kit (includes basil and capsules)”, and there is a really neat image illustrating what it looks like and how it works. Another one from Mark Mantra is an: “Instant Offline Language Translator Device (One-Way Translator)”.

Gotham Jiu Jitsu tells you the “best holiday gift for women” is a self-defense class. A different Twitter user, Janique, talks about her image of an amazing present, “Free tickets to the The Game a week after my bday in jan @thegame hypeddd” is the “#bestgift #celebrationtime”. Sutton’s idea of the best gift is supporting a great cause: “Jones Middle School (NC) is almost to their goal to fund replacement instrument lost due to Hurricane Florence. Give the #bestgift by donating to help support their #musiceducation”. And vinosalidawinebar suggests, “If you love someone who loves wine, this is perfect for you! Take the stress of shopping away and let us make you look gooood! #vinosalida #freeshipping #buywineonline #bestgift”.



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“Gift Guide” is a good tag to follow because it’s where you’ll find a ton of big gift guides, rather than just one gift item at a time. It’s really useful for searching for themes, like gifts for outdoors lovers, or gifts for your favourite bookworm. For example, Nora Dunn tells us, “In my 2018 #travel #giftideas post, I feature @western_rise who makes outdoorsy clothes for men and women using some very unique materials!…” Roaming Renegades lets you know the link where you can find “The ultimate list of best Christmas gifts for the travellers and backpackers in your life #Christmas #Travel #giftguide”.

Do you have any friends or family who love being pampered? If so, you can check out this post from Romona | Fab Everyday: “Gift idea: @ToGoSpa. Sheet masks are all the rage these days, and these are seriously my go-to products. Varieties of natural collagen face, under-eye, lip, and neck masks perfect for anyone with a face! See more in my 2018 Holiday #GiftGuide: fab-everyday-2018-holiday-gift-guide.html … #gifted”. Romona | Fab Everyday has another fun group of gift suggestions further down the #giftguide page: “Fun gift idea: Adult Party Games. @GamesAdultsPlay makes adult party games geared for players 18 and up to act as icebreakers and spark unforgettable moments to help form friendships that will last a lifetime. See more in my holiday #GiftGuide: … #gifted ”

Do you have any writers or literary-minded folks in your life? Yes? Well then, you’ll be interested to learn that Writer’s Digest shared this: “Have you checked out the goodies in our Holiday #GiftGuide for writers, like this literary insults chart?”. Another great thing about this hashtag is that some of the posts come from individuals who share their own personal picks for gifts they loved themselves. For instance, Karilyn (NoBackHome) shares this advice along with a photo of her comfortably resting on a travel pillow: “Looking for a last minute gift for a traveler in your life? I just got the @TrtlPillow and I love it! #giftguide”



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The hashtag #giftideas is definitely a good one to check because it includes some groups of folks who are often overlooked in most consumer targets. For instance, you’ll find a number of different gift ideas for seniors. Carolinas Caregivers recently shared a post with “Gift ideas for seniors in the early stage of Alzheimer’s Disease #GiftIdeas #seniors: Activity books, like a crossword puzzle| Classic movies or TV shows that stimulate your loved one| CDs with music that allows them to reminisce| A memorable photo album”.

Another group of awesome ideas comes from Laura Zeitz: “Still looking for a gift and not sure what to buy? We have the perfect gift. Peppermint bark, chocolate crabs with old bay, truffles and a MD Theme box. We can also dip your favourite wine in chocolate Coco Couture Chocolates. #Chocolate #Maryland #Christmas #giftideas”. If you want a lot of freedom to let your creativity shine, you could check out Berry Hill Limited’s post: “Say it with a sign!! We have so many choices in store – from thoughtful to comical, family, pets, drinks, and sports – we’ve got everyone covered! #signs #homedecor #giftideas #christmascoming #christmasgifts”

One of the most timeless gifts to give is a candle. Bonaco Candles tells you: “When you make a purchase during the holidays you will get a sample candle from our Serena collection, a sample candle from our Sanaa (California) collection, OR a wax melt! Gift the gift of travel (or keep ’em both, we don’t judge) #giftideas”. Beadplus Regina is your best bet for New Age friends: Gifts!! #giftideas #gift #stockingstuff #healing #healingcrystals #crystal #crystalhealing #beadplus” and the photo included shows a variety of beautifully displayed crystals, and each one has the name of the crystal along with its purpose, such as one for grounding, courage, and one that releases stress.

Whatever your gifting needs entail, you’re sure to be satisfied when you follow these hashtags.