The Royal YouTube Channels You Need!

       by Brandy D. Anderson

Source: kudoskid

Source: kudoskid

A lot of us just can’t get enough of the royals. Everyone knows you can go to any grocery store and see magazines plastered with their pictures, or you can turn on the tv and find countless royal entertainment featurettes. But did you know there are channels on YouTube completely devoted to covering the aristocracy? These three channels all focus entirely on the royals, with each offering a very different and unique view of them.


The Royal Family Channel

Source: kconnors

Source: kconnors

57,886 Subscribers

About: “Welcome to ITN’s Royal Channel! We aim to be your primary source for royal videos and news. From the latest on the Royal baby to those classic moments we want to see again, we have it all! Be sure to hit SUBSCRIBE so you are the first to know the latest royal gossip.”

Well, let me say that the first video I saw on this channel is rather shocking. It’s called “Little Girl Accidentally Hit in the Face by Soldier After Meeting the Queen “. This entry is from June 2015,and has some additional information below the video: “Six-year-old Maisie Gregory was accidentally hit in the face by a saluting soldier after presenting a bunch of flowers to the queen during Her Majesty’s visit to Cardiff, Wales “.

And when you watch this, you see the Queen stop in front of the little girl, graciously accept the flowers, and move on through the open doors where a soldier stands ready… He quickly raises his arm in the form of salute as she passes by, and when he does this, his hand smacks the poor little girl right in the face – hard, I mean really hard, and he doesn’t flinch (which, to be fair, is part of the rigid protocol). But the part that truly shocks me is that none of the adults step in or make a move to comfort the girl, other than the woman who I assume is her mother.. and she doesn’t even step up until the little girl turns back towards her.

I begin with describing this video to let you know that this channel shows you the good and the bad when it comes to royal events. To see a much cheerier video, check out this one: “Kate Middleton Meets Air Cadets and Tries Flight Simulator”. Or you can watch as the “Duchess of Cornwall Shows off Her Swing Dancing Moves”. This channel also features some really handy play lists, including “All About Kate and William”, “The Royal Children”, “Royals on Tour!”, “The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton”, “A Princess is Born! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Welcome Their Second Child”, “Prince Harry”, “Prince Charles”, “Fun and Quirky”, “Prince William”, “Her Majesty: Queen Elizabeth II”, “Prince Philip”, and quite a few more.


The British Monarchy

Source: kudoskid

Source: kudoskid

160,802 Subscribers


About: “Welcome to The Royal Channel, the official channel of the British Monarchy.”

Although this channel gives you a very filtered look at the British Royal Family (since it is the official feed from Buckingham Palace), it does provide some wonderful sound clips and videos. One of the most recent videos is a clip from “The Prince of Wales Speech at the Black Cultural Archives, Brixton”. Another video shows you the “Duke of Cambridge Speech at Guild of Health Writers with Heads Together”. If you enjoy ‘royal watching’, this is the perfect place for you because there really is just about an endless stream of footage of the royals in lots of different settings.

“The Prince of Wales Speaks About Reducing Plastic Waste in Our Oceans” is an encouraging speech where Prince Charles talks about “The Role of Design and Innovation in the Plastic Recycling Industry”. There are some more fun videos as well, like the one for “Heads Together London Marathon Training Day”. Prince William and Princess Kate, along with Prince Harry, eagerly participate in the marathon – and, in case you were wondering, Harry is the fastest of the three.

Prince William and Prince Harry are both very involved with wildlife conservation, and there are numerous videos about this topic including: “A Speech by the Duke of Cambridge at the Third International Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference”, “Prince Harry Takes Part in the 500 Elephants Conservation Project”, “A Speech by the Duke of Cambridge on the Illegal Wildlife Trade for Chinese Television”, “The Duke of Cambridge Helps Celebrate 25 Years of Conservation Charity Tusk Trust”, and “United for Wildlife Google Plus Hangout “. Another thing they always do at the end of the year is “The Royal Year in Photos”.


Royal Fashion Channel

Source: pedrojperez

Source: pedrojperez

20,275 Subscribers


About: “Royal Fashion Channel is about Royal Families and other personalities. My favorite royals are Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Charlotte Casiraghi. If you like my videos please subscribe.”

This channel features the most popular and famous British Royals like Queen Elizabeth II, the Duke of Cambridge Prince William, The Duchess of Cambridge Princess Kate, and Prince Harry, of course, but it also pays ample attention to the lesser-known royals, from countries around the world as well. Another cool thing is that any video featuring one of the lesser-known royals also includes a beginning introduction that gives a quick background to the subject.

For instance, a recent video called “Happy 26th Birthday to Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg” begins with this commentary: “Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg (born 16th February 1991) is the first child and only daughter of Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa”. The video then moves on to show a bunch of candid and professional photos from the birthday party with festive music to accompany the pictures. Another video features “Prince Albert and Princess Charlene’s Valentine’s Date Night”, and the beginning of the video begins by providing the following context: “Prince Albert and Princess Charlene’s Valentine’s date night at Laureus sports award in Monte Carlo”, and then goes on to show a slideshow of photos from the event.

There’s a photo video detailing “William and Catherine at BAFTAS”. You can find a video for “Elia, Crown Princess of Albania”: “Elia Zogu (nee Zaharia, born 8 February 1983) is an Albanian actress, former singer and wife of Leka II, Crown Prince of Albania “. In “Queen Elizabeth II Sapphires (Happy Sapphire Jubilee to Queen Elizabeth II)” you can see a really cool montage featuring the Queen’s sapphire necklaces and tiaras over the years. The video is separated into photo categories, labeled “Modern Sapphire Tiara”, “George the VI Sapphire Parure”, ” Dubai Luke Sapphire Demi-Parure”, “Sapphire Castle Demi-Parure”, “Prince Albert Sapphire Brooch”, “Maria Feodorovna’s Sapphire Brooch”, “Sapphire Chrysanthemum Brooch”, “Queen Mary’s Russian Brooch”, and many more. This channel uploads often, numerous times every week.